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Anupamaa 11th February 2023 Written Update: Shahs bring Paritosh home

The episode starts with Rakhi pleading with Kinjal not to take such a decision. She begs Kinjal not to look to take on Anupama’s identity. She adds that Anupama has a big heart and sacrificed all she had, but Kinjal cannot afford to. Kinjal somehow convinces Rakhi that she must remain with Paritosh in this situation. Rakhi cautions Kinjal not to commit a mistake to which Kinjal replies that Rakhi indicated that if she stayed, she would resemble Anupama.

Kinjal highlights even if she left, she will resemble Paritosh. She explains that although Paritosh humiliated her, she is unable to do the same thing for him. Kinjal assures Rakhi that she will return whenever she feels the need to leave the house. She further requests Rakhi to feed her sugar because she is feeling depressed. Anupama assures Vanraj that the journey ahead will be difficult, but that they will remain patient and will keep the faith.

Vanraj confronts Anupama and questions if she will accompany him to which Anupama reassures Vanraj and says that she has given birth to Paritosh and will stand by him. She goes on by saying that when it comes to their children, they will always be together. Anuj has finally arrived. Vanraj comforts Anupama. Anuj speaks out everything will be fine. Vanraj clears the way for Anuj and Anupama.

Anuj tells Anupama that he became egoistic a few days ago and kept asking her to avoid the Shahs. He regrets his actions and persuades Anupama to join the Shahs. He demands Anupama spend some more time with Paritosh. Anupama finds herself in dilemma and is completely unwilling to leave Anuj and Anu while Anuj tries to convince Anupama not to be concerned about Anu. He boosts Anupama’s morale while Vanraj reflects on his meeting with Paritosh.

Anuj has returned home. He calls Anu. Anu goes to show her star. Anuj is ecstatic. Anu talks about Anupama and Paritosh to which Anuj tells Anu that Paritosh is not in a stable condition. Anu assures Anuj that she can manage without Anupama which makes Anuj happy and relieved. Anu questions Anuj about his headache. Yes, Anuj confirms. Anu decides to help Anuj. Anuj is amazed to learn that Maya is now doing work around the house in Anupama’s absence.

Anu shares her drawing with Anuj. When he notices a drawing of Maya in the family photo, he grows upset. He folds Maya’s picture. Elsewhere, Maya folds Anupama’s photograph, fantasizing about becoming a happy family with Anuj and Anu. She comes to a stop.

A few days later, The Shahs are preparing to welcome Paritosh while Kavya urges Leela not to break down in tears because Paritosh is on his way back home. Hasmuk tries to divert Leela’s attention and asks her to arrange a veneration tray. Leela is ecstatic to see Paritosh. The Shahs gather to welcome Paritosh. Vanraj and Anupama bring Paritosh to his home. The Shahs are overcome by emotion. Paritosh breaks down and starts to cry while Anupama wiped away Paritosh’s tears. |Episode Ends.|

Precap: Anupama collapses in Leela’s arms. Barkha asks Maya to stop becoming Anupama. Maya gets compliments from Anuj.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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