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Anupamaa 13th February 2023 Written Update: Paritosh breaks down

The episode starts with Anupama telling Paritosh that it is not a punishment. She says it was all an accident. Anupama is told by Paritosh not to hurt him. Anupama tells Paritosh that a mother can never be upset with her child. Paritosh apologized to Anupama for inflicting her pain. Anupama comforts Paritosh while Leela decides to make Paritosh light meals. Hasmuk supports Leela.

He further chooses to prepare milk for Vanraj. Leela advises Kavya and Kinjal that they must work. Hasmuk upon hearing Leela’s statement for Kavya and Kinjalc says that they should be proud of their daughters-in-law for managing the household despite the challenges. Leela decides to provide a hand around the house. Partiosh claims that it would have been better if he had died. Anupama understands Paritosh and consoles him.

She further manages to put Paritosh to sleep. Anupama is about to leave when Paritosh steps in. Vanraj asks Anupama to return to the house as he will be around Paritosh. Anupama stops at home temple and pleads to God hasten Paritosh’s recovery as he is someone’s son, grandson, husband and father. She sobs uncontrollably. Leela wipes away Anupama’s tears. She assures Anupama that everyone will be with Paritosh. Leela promises to contact them if they need her support.

Anupama requests Leela to call her straight away. Anupama is back at home. She notices Maya developing feelings for Anu. Anupama compliments Maya on taking care of her home while she is abroad. Anu runs to r and says she loves her so much and missed her a lot. Anupama pampers her and says even she missed her a lot. Maaya feels jealous seeing that. Barkha notices Maya. Anupama is rendered speechless. Maaya speaks she will prepare tea for them. Anuj says he wants to have Anupama’s prepared tea today. Barkha grins at Maaya. Anuj requests Anupama to prepare him a cup of tea because he hasn’t had one in a long time.

Anupama delights Ankush and Dimple. Anu asks Anupama about Paritosh. Anupama says Paritosh is getting better. Anu demands Anupama to braid her hair. Ankush says to Anupama that its good she returned home. Dimple claims they all missed her. Maaya feels more jealous seeing that. She feels envious of Anupama. Paritosh approaches Kinjal. Kinjal notices Paritosh peeing in his pants. Paritosh became helpless. Pari begins to cry. Kinjal is supporting Paritosh, which Rakhi observes. Kinjal asks Rakhi to look after Pari. Kinjal helps Paritosh change his pants.

Rakhi makes a decision. She claims she made her decision because of Kinjal and Shahs. Paritosh confesses to betraying Kinjal. He communicates his appreciation to Kinjal. Kinjal boosts Paritosh’s self-esteem. Vanraj wonders where Kavya is going now that Paritosh has returned. Kavya claims they can’t all stay at home since they need money. Vanraj claims that Paritosh requires them. Kavya claims she is unable to assist Paritosh due to one constraint.

Vanraj informs Kavya that he requires her more than ever. Kavya states that he was not present when she needed his attention. She clears to Vanraj that she is not making fun of him. Vanraj stands shattered. Maya notices Kapadias having a good time with Anupama. She gets irked while Anu also decides to sleep with Anupama.
Episode Ends.

Kinjal leaves for a business meeting. Paritosh falls out of bed. Kinjal is accused by Leela. Barkha warns Maya to avoid Anupama and Anuj.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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