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Anupamaa 17th February 2023 Written Update: Maya plotted against Anupama

The episode starts with Anupama breaking down in tears when she sees Anu. She apologizes to Anu, who is asleep in bed. Anupama says she needs to go again and promises to return soon. She adds that Anu is a youngster who will not understand how helpless she is. Anupama claims that Anuj will be perplexed as well. She believes that in times of adversity, people should band together rather than take advantage of the situation.

Anupama claims that Paritosh, like Anu, is her son and must leave. She jots something down for Anu. Maya asks Anupama to accompany her. She promised to look after her house once she left. Maya assists Anupama in packing her belongings. Anupama bids her farewell to Anu. Maya conveys Anupama’s message to Anuj. Anupama tells Anuj she is going to keep visiting and going. Anuj’s response is cold.

Anupama calls Anuj outdoors. Anuj requests that Anupama accompany him because Paritosh requires her the most. Anupama promises to return as soon as Paritosh recovers. Anuj tells Anupama that she is free to go. Leela had invited Anupama to accompany her. She claims that Anuj also granted her permission. Maya believes she was playing on the backfoot the last time Anupama was absent.

She decides to increase her game and change things before Anupama returns. Kavya and Samar search for Vanraj and Leela. Adhik decides to go in search of Vanraj and Leela. Leela, Vanraj returns with Anupama. Hasmuk mocks Leela for being egoistic. Leela tells Hasmuk that he can mock her and label her as selfish, but she can’t see Paritosh in pain. She says since Anupama is the mother and Paritosh needs her.

Hasmuk also chastises Anupama for becoming entangled in Leela’s tears. Leela claims that no one was willing to take on Paritosh’s responsibilities, so she contacted Anupama. She claims that Anupama will look after Paritosh and she will look after her house. Maya thinks Anuj has a habit of drinking tea served by Anupama, but she plans to change everything. Hasmuk becomes enraged at Anupama, and Leela.

Barkha and Ankush confront Anuj for failing to say no to Anupama, just as Anupama could not say no to Shahs. Anuj is served tea by Maya. Anu searches for Anupama. Maya convinces Anu that Paritosh requires Anupama more. She then asks Anuj for permission to drop Anu off at school. Anuj agrees. Ankush and Barkha are both stunned.

Hasmuk and Leela get into an argument over Anupama. Hasmuk requests Anupama to return as her house needs her. Leela becomes adamant. Leela is referred to as a flipper by Kavya. Pakhi wishes Anupama to stay back at Shah’s house while Anupama comes there with the tea for everyone. Pakhi anticipates Anupama’s arrival. Anupama astounds Shahs by revealing that she wants to confess something.
Episode Ends.

Precap: Anupama and Shahs cheer up Paritosh. She further chooses to return to Anuj for Anu’s sake. Anu enjoys playing with Maya and Anuj.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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