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Anupamaa 18th February 2023 Written Update: Anuj gets upset with Anupama

The episode starts with Anupama understanding that Paritosh requires her, but she also needs Anu. She claims that Anu does not require her in the same way as Paritosh does. Anupama clears Anuj, and her family comes first. She continues by reminding Leela that whenever she used to request Leela to let her visit her parent’s house, Leela used to stop her by saying that her husband’s house is her real house.

She adds that she is visiting this house even after so much happened and will continue to do so, but will not ignore her husband and daughter. She clarifies to Leela that she will look after Paritosh and that as soon as he shows improvement, she will return to Anuj because she relates to him. Rakhi talks to Anupama and says that she take a beneficial move by coming here since Shahs might have made Kinjal Paritosh’s maid.

Anupama tells Rakhi that Kinjal was caring for Paritosh because she wanted to and no one pushed her to. She goes on to say that now is the moment to be one another’s support rather than throwing around accusations. Anupama feels they must improve their lifestyle to handle Paritosh. Shah’s concurs.

She further decides to meet Paritosh. Hasmuk believes Anuj will be depressed when Anupama will leave Kapadia House while Anuj is busy searching for a note left by Anupama, as he always does. Hasmuk dials Anuj’s number. He tells Anuj to pour his heart out to him if he has any complaints whereas Anuj ignores Hasmuk’s call. He starts to cry. Hasmuk begs God to stop examining his children. Shahs and Anupama make an effort to cheer Paritosh up.

Pakhi speaks up that everything appears to be going well since Anupama returned. Adhik and Kinjal both agree. Samar says that they would have inspired Paritosh to recover from his condition. Anu is fed by Maya. She also helps Anuj by serving him breakfast. Anupama tells Shahs to update the house decor to attract positive energy. Shah supports Anupama. Barkha and Ankush notice Maya roaming around Anuj.

Elsewhere, Shahs pampers Paritosh. Paritosh tries to hold Pari but he is unable to carry her. Kinjal and Anupama increase Paritosh’s morale and further help him in carrying Pari. Kinjal thanks, Anupama. Vanraj states that parents are very important to children. Anupama grows worried about Anuj. Maya makes Anu ready for school. Barkha confronts Maya and speaks that Maya wants to take over the Kapadia empire to which Maya says to Barkha that she has the right to think whatever she wants. Barkha senses Maya is intelligent and is concerned about how Anupama would deal with her. Anuj avoids Anupama.

Episode Ends.

Precap: Anuj thanks Maya for looking after Anu. Maya claims custody of Anu. Anupama decided to move back to Anuj and Anu.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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