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Anupamaa 20th February 2023 Written Update: Anupama decides to send Anu with Maya

The episode starts with Leela speaking that Anupama referred to herself as “heroine” and walks off. Hasmuk gets angry with Leela and says that Leela was born to curse Anupama while Kinjal and Samar request Leela to avoid discussing Anupama. Kinjal further tells that Paritosh is watching TV with Pari. Vanraj wonders if it is unnecessary to discuss Anupama’s departure.

Hasmuk comforts Kavya, asking her to be patient since Mohit will call her back to which Kavya informs Hasmuk that Mohit has executed the project with another model. She leaves to sleep. Vanraj sits speechless. Leela taunts Kavya saying that another heroine has left. Hasmuk vents out on Leela and says but the lady heroine remains seated. Anu is eager to cut the cake. Anuj and Maya are also delighted.

Anu wishes Anupama was with her. Anuj makes Anu happy. Anu hopes Paritosh makes a speedy recovery as then Anupama can rejoin them. Maya chooses to cut the cake along with Anu and Anuj. Just then, Anupama returns. Anuj, Anu gets delighted seeing Anupama while Maya is agitated. Anupama and Anuj cut the cake with Anu and feed it to each other.

Maya gets envious. Anupama intends to give cake to Maya but she denies to eat saying that the cake contains nuts. Anupama questions Maya on why she added nuts since she doesn’t like them. Maya realizes she didn’t put out enough effort and shares it with Anupama. Anupama lectures Maya and states that her efforts were in vain because she didn’t eat the cake. Maya asks about Anupama’s early return home.

Anupama decides to return to Shah House in times of emergency. She astounds Maya by revealing her return. Anu discusses with Anupama about going on a picnic. Anuj and Anupama learn about Anu’s picnic. They question Anu as to why she did not notify them earlier. Anu explains that she expected Anupama to stay at the Shah house for a prolonged period. Maya confronts Anu about why she didn’t even tell her.

Anu says she just wants to go with Anuj and Anupama. Anupama makes a plan to go on a picnic. Anuj advises Anupama to reconsider her decision because even if Anu’s heart breaks this time, he would be unable to tolerate it. Anupama tries to persuade Anuj that she can manage both the picnic and the Shahs while Anuj argues that the Shahs need Anupama more and reminds her of Leela informing her of Paritosh’s regular checkup.

Maya decides to attend a picnic with Anu. Anuj asks Maya to accompany Anu on a picnic. Anupama tries to assure Anuj that she’s going to accompany him and Anu. Anuj tells Maya to join them rather than Anupama. Maya becomes excited whereas Anu is too excited to go on a picnic. Maya informs Anu that she will join her at the picnic in place of Anupama. Anuj asks Anupama to try to understand him. Anupama further decides to send Anu with Anuj and Maya.

Episode Ends.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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