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Yeh Hei Chahatein 21st February 2023 Written Update: Samrat goes against Revati

The episode starts with the doctor notifying Malati’s family that she is in severe condition and require blood to treat her. She urges Malati’s family to quickly arrange blood. Malati’s family gives blood to test if it matches Malati. Samrat tells Nayantara that she has gotten a message. Nayantara tells Samrat to go and see it. Later, the doctor informs them that Malati needs to be kept under close observation and tells them that only one person can stay with Malati.

Nayantara takes Ishani back to her house. Revati decides to kill Malati before she regains consciousness. Later at night, she walks into the changing room, disguised as a nurse. She enters Malati’s room and claims that Malati cannot survive long enough to disclose the truth. She is surprised to meet Samrat and Nayantra there. Samrat takes off Revati’s mask. He informs her that Malati is not here in this room.

He takes off the bedsheet. Revati gets shocked at finding the pillows on the bed. Samrat highlights that he went to great lengths to trap her. Just then, Nayantara brings Malati there while Samrat maintains that he asked the doctor to exaggerate about Malati’s health. Revati fears and tries to persuade Samrat. However, he urges her to stop and says that he is aware of her truths and asks her not to lie more. He adds Revati has always deceived him.

He admits to having seen her confession video. He remembers seeing Revati’s confession video on Nayantara’s phone. He looks through Malati’s phone and gets to know that Revati attacked Malati. He feels devastated and asks Revati why she turned out this way. Malati expresses her satisfaction that before getting hurt she sent the video to Nayantara. Samrat claims that he moved Malati to another room to protect her. He questions Revati on how she can do this with Nayantara’s family.

Revati lashes out at him for doubting her. He reminds her that he believed her completely. He loses his calm and says Nayatara’s family are not murderers. Revati expresses her surprise that he is opposing her today to which Samrat says that Revati committed a sin and how he can support her to which Revati speaks out that it was necessary to fight and that there is no right or wrong when it’s about revenge. He reminds her that this is a crime and finds it hard to believe that Revati would do such a thing with them.

He reminds Revati that it’s not about mere business but their lives. Samrat and Revati both get into an argument. She reminds him that she brought him life and a new existence. She questions how he can stand up to her for Nayantara. She adds she is surprised seeing her son going against her while Samrat clears that he is only standing with the truth. He shares his disappointment with Revati saying that he is upset over Revati not realizing her mistakes. She questions what he intends to do about her.

He calls the cops. She is startled to see police officers around. Samrat asks the police to arrest Revati for an attempted murder case. Revati runs away from there by spraying the fire extinguisher in the room. After a while, Nayantara thanked Samrat for sticking up for the truth. She admits that she realizes how challenging it’s going to be for him to oppose his mother. She gets shocked seeing her family there. Samrat informs Nayantara that he did it for her family’s safety. Elsewhere, Revati approaches Aliya and asks her to take revenge on Nayantara. Aliya threatens her with ruining Nayantara’s life.
Episode ends.

Nayantara and Samrat find it hard to breathe due to the gas leakage in the car.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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