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Anupama 6th February 2023 Written Update: Shahs and Kapadia learns about Maya’s traumatic past

The episode starts with Maya saying that everyone has seen bar dancers on television. She claims that people often condemn bar dancers for ruining their lives. She says that bar dancers ruin their own lives, not that of others. She claims that while some may find it simple to advise doing some respectful labor, she finds it challenging. Maya claims that there are numerous types of males around the globe.

She mentions Anuj Kapadia and Arun Kapoor as examples of the two types of men that exist in this environment. Shahs and Kapadias learn about Maya’s traumatic background from her. She relates how her first love smuggled her. Maya discusses her prior existence. Maya has Sushma’s support. She further speaks that there is a limit to how much pain one can endure, but she was unable to. She reveals how she was grabbed and brutally abused post running away.

She adds she is unaware of Anu’s paternity. She also mentions how she attempted to escape after finding out she was pregnant. Maya claims that she gave birth to Anu after giving birth to her strength to fight back. She says that even though those individuals used to abuse her, she battled for Anu’s sake. She shows the marks. Anupama and the rest stand stunned. Maya further tells her struggles of her whole life and made it clear to Anuj and Anupama that she would be returning with Anu.

Maya acknowledges Sushma’s help to her as well. She further speaks that she didn’t engage in any extramarital affairs or fraud. Maya claims, like Ankush, that she has never had an illegitimate kid. She asks how anyone can judge a mother. She asks why Vanraj and Anupama get together when their children do anything wrong. She questions why she is being questioned if everyone is given a pass. Maya promises to take her Anu back. Anuj regrets that he misjudged Maya because he was unaware of her awful past.

Maya is credited with inspiring Kavya. Kinjal speaks out as Maya struggles for her daughter, she also wants to be a good mother to Pari. Maya sobs while hugging Shushma. Anupama lends Maya her support. She claims that Maya was trapped by her boyfriend and that she is not to blame. Anupama suggests everyone consider their position before bringing up any female character. She apologizes to Maya on behalf of everyone and says she is happy that Maya is Anu’s mother.
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Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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