Anupama 7th February 2023 Written Update: Paritosh leaves Shah House

The episode starts with Anupama, Kinjal and other ladies encourage Maya by whacking their bangles. Anuj asserts that women are stronger when they band together. Everyone is asked to stop by Ankush. Anupama claims that some guys prefer crying to the sound of bangles. Anupama is gratefully acknowledged by Maya. Kinjal claims she never loved Rakhi, but she vows she will not make the same mistake again.Pakhi laments upsetting Anupama. Pakhi laments upsetting Anupama. Kavya and Dimple are also upset. Leela states that they all assumed Maya was hiding something, but they were completely unaware that she was hiding agony. Maya is regarded as an inspiration among the ladies. Maya believes Anupama is stronger now that she has faced everything. Anuj claims this is the first time two mothers have fought.
Sushma said Maya’s wait is gone even though she can proudly call her daughter her blood. Anuj and Anupama are taken aback. Anu inquires as to what is happening. Maya walks over to Anu and wishes her a happy birthday. Anu expresses her dissatisfaction with her absence. Anupama responds to Anu’s question. Shahs is informed by Kinjal that Anu has sent return gifts and a note to everyone. Paritosh claims that, like Maya, he aspires to amass a sizable fortune. Anuj feels sorry for criticizing Maya.He becomes adamant that he will continue to struggle for Anu’s custody. Anuj claims to comprehend Maya is Anu’s biological mother but he won’t back down. Vanraj asks Paritosh if he has delivered Hasmuk’s property document to a lawyer. Vanraj is questioned by Paritosh about whether he is aware of the cause. Vanraj claims that Hasmuk has handed Anupama his property. Paritosh’s assistant sides him. Vanraj slaps the assistant and asks him not to interrupt in between.Paritosh requests Vanraj to refrain from correcting him because he only wanted to start his business at the workshop and thus wanted to add his name to the property. Hasmuk, according to Vanraj, has given Anupama a workshop. Paritosh believes his dream is big, similar to Vanraj, who did not fight to have his name on the workshop. Paritosh describes Shahs as dim. Vanraj slaps Paritosh.He disowns Paritosh. Paritosh warns Vanraj that he will only come back once he has become wealthy. Vanraj later apologized to Hasmuk and Kinjal. He regrets having Paritosh. Anupama takes Anu to sleep. Maya lends a hand to Anupama. She goes on to warn that without Anu, Anuj, and Anupama will be alone. Maya adds that without Anu, she will be alone so she chooses to reclaim Anu. Paritosh intends to become a wealthy guy. Paritosh’s assistant boosts his morale. Paritosh slips and falls on the road. He calls Vanraj and Anupama. Episode ends.Precap. Vanraj and Anupama cry out for Paritosh. Paritosh is taken to the hospital.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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