Bhagya Lakshmi 6th January 2023 Written Update: Rishi broke into pieces.

The episode starts with Neelam apologizing to Malishka for Rishi’s behavior. Neelam told Malishka that she always loved him as a daughter and wanted to marry Malishka. As Rishi cries, Neelam tells him that if he still wants to have a son, he should marry Malishka. Malishka tries to shout for Lakshmi to appear, but Sonal reveals that she is the one who brought Lakshmi here. Taking Lakshmi seriously, Neelam tells her that Rishi is a bad thing who always brings disaster. Afterward, Neelam cries quietly in the car while Lakshmi walks down the road, feeling bad for revealing Rishi’s secret like that.

Later, when Neelam arrives at the Oberoi mansion in tears, Harleen runs and hugs her tightly. Neelam calls Rishi’s name with a laughing voice which worries Garli and asks Neelam if Rishi is fine. In response, Neelam says that Rishi is fine, much to Harley’s surprise, and all the family members come individually. When everyone asks Neelam to explain why she is crying, she says that Rishi insulted her family. Neelam says Rishi has done something terrible and hopes it was all a dream.

When everyone calls Neelam to explain what is bothering her, Neelam sadly tells everyone that Rishi has broken up with Malishka. On the other hand, on the way out, Rishi blames Malishka for ruining his life. Feeling that Lakshmi now hates him and that Lakshmi is avoiding him, Rishi’s vision changes. Meanwhile, at the Oberoi’s mansion, Neelam cries as Malishka explains that she tried to kill herself because of Rishi and Virendra explodes in anger.

“I will punish Rishi for this!” Virendra shouted angrily. and ordered Ayusa to call Rishi. Karishma tries to convince Virendra that Rishi and Malishka must have deliberately crossed the line because they both love each other, but Virendra says that Rishi can no longer make excuses for his mistakes. Ayush urges Virendra to believe Rishi, but Virendra says that Rishi has admitted his guilt and no further proof is needed. At that moment, Rishi falls to the floor and cries bitterly saying that he doesn’t know how he got past Malishka.

He tells Neelam that he can’t see her because he can’t take it. Back at the Oberoi estate, Harleen says that all the terrible things happened because she hurt Lakshmi, but Neelam says that Lakshmi can do anything. Everyone is shocked to hear this and Neelam blames Lakshmi for causing sadness in Rishi’s life. Virendra, on the other hand, instructs Neelam not to drag Lakshmi here as Rishi has hurt Lakshmi and Malishka, and Neelam shuts her mouth.

On one hand, Rishi recalls his experience with Lakshmi; on the other hand, Kiran tried to blame Malishka for the same. Sonal takes Malishka’s side and says that Malishka did it because she loves Rishi. When Malishka threatens to hurt her, Kiran says that she just wants Malishka to be happy. Meanwhile, Lakshmi hugs Shalu when Bajwa enters her house, which surprises Shalu.

Written by Abdullah Bhatti

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