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KumKum Bhagya 13th February 2023 Written Update: Prachi accuses Ranbir of Panchi’s disappearance

The episode starts with Prachi sincerely apologizing to Ranbir and promising him that, while it’s painful now, he’ll be fine soon. Ranbir asks if Prachi has ever considered him. Prachi remains mute. The inspector and Kohli’s family witness a terrorist video in which the terrorists declare their intention to take over a hotel in the following two days to promote terrorism throughout their country.

The terrorist leader believes that they are doing this to teach their government a lesson after the officials killed their members. The terrorist leader claims that he does not know what is going on. The terrorist leader alleges that the media is streaming video and sharing this footage live around the country. The inspector demands the media halt their live streaming. Daljeet inquires about Ranbir with Aryan.

Pallavi cautions Aryan not to tell Daljeet anything since she will be terrified and may come here. Ranbir interrogates Prachi about why she did not notify him that she had returned to Delhi. Ranbir conveys his point of view. Prachi inquires as to if Ranbir still believes she is to blame for Panchi’s death. Prachi blames Ranbir for Panchi’s abduction because he brought the cops there. Ranbir informs Prachi that he did not bring the police.

Ranbir makes a remark about Prachi. Ranbir claims he doesn’t want to dispute with her and attempts to leave. Prachi adds she knows he’ll have someone to talk to because he’s marrying Mr. Singhania’s daughter. Ranbir declares that she is insane and departs. The inspector tells the cops to go inside and encourages his guys to do so. The inspector delivers a motivational message. One of the cops points out that these criminals are not ordinary folks; they are terrorists who have planted bombs.

The inspector recalls the officers of their duty to the country and assures them that backups are on the way. Who is he with, the inspector inquires of his men. Everyone in the force claims to be on his side. The commander of the terrorists contacts them and advises them that officers are nearing the front door. He directs his men to assassinate any cops that arrive. Because they are aware of what is going on outside the hotel as a result of them, the terrorists believe the media is assisting them.

Cops and terrorists exchange fire. Ganesh approaches the inspector to save him. The inspector pays attention to Ganesh. Vikram asks Aryan if he received Daljeet’s call again. Vikram sees that Daljeet has arrived. Khushi is asked if she is afraid of the doctor to which Khushi replies no. The doctor comments on it. Khushi questions the doctor about why the terrorists are murdering everyone. The old man believes it’s fate.

Khushi hears a tap on the door and assumes it is Ranbir, so she rushes to open it. Ranbir enters and asks Khushi if she was nervously waiting for him. Khushi weighs in. Ranbir inquires the doctor as to if Kaya has arrived. The doctor claims she did not arrive. Kaya, according to Ranbir, is insane. The doctor informs Ranbir that he must depart. Ranbir reminds Doctor that terrorists are killing everyone outside.

Ranbir asks Doctor to stay and explains that he needs to go save a few people. Ranbir requests that the doctor does not answer the door for anyone and that he knock three times before opening the door. The doctor concurs. The terrorist’s brain believes it is too quiet. The terrorists are now debating what they will do. The terrorist leader declares that plan B will be implemented. The terrorists believe that the cops would now plead for their lives.

The inspector expresses gratitude to the media for their assistance. The inspector requests that the media release footage of them entering with a minor delay so that they can get an advantage. The inspector thanks Ganesh for stopping the officers from entering and saving many cops’ lives. Ganesh claims to be a bellboy at the hotel. Ganesh claims to know how to enter safely and exit without being noticed. As per Ganesh, the terrorists are observing what is going on inside via CCTV cameras. Ganesh claims that by disconnecting the fuse in the fuse box, they can cut the CCTV recording. The inspector inquires if he is capable of performing the task. Ganesh affirms.

Episode Ends.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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