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KumKum Bhagya 14th February 2023 Written Update: Ranbir thinks he is hallucination Prachi

The episode starts with Ranbir looking for Khushi. Khushi cries as she walks up to Ranbir. Ranbir advises her not to be concerned. He grabs Khushi, gives her over to Laali, and drives away. Kaya’s father makes an appearance. He feels relieved to know Kaya is safe. Ranbir requests that his family members leave. Pallavi invites him to join them, but he declines and departs. When he sees the police overpowering him, the terrorist threatens to throw the bomb.

Inspector warns the terrorist that if the device detonates, they will perish as well. The terrorist informs Inspector that if they do not win, they will not allow them to win. They are not afraid of death. He detonates the bomb. Ranbir rushes and takes it in his hand. Everyone is taken aback. The terrorist is apprehended and tamed by police. Prachi dispatches the medical team to Ranbir and departs before Ranbir and the others notice her.

Kaya chastises Ranbir for carrying the explosives. Ranbir requests that Kaya be taken by his supervisor. He enters the hotel and looks for Prachi. Pallavi and Vikram are concerned about Ranbir. Prachi is in tears on the way, thinking she doesn’t want to meet Ranbir, but it occurred, and she doesn’t have the confidence to face the difficulties again. Kaya’s father drags her along with him, telling her that staying there is dang.

Vikram and his family try to enter, but the police refuse. Ranbir notices the person he saw with Prachi. He interrogates her about Prachi. The doctor assures him that seeing her with Prachi is a figment of his imagination, and she leaves. Ranbir seemed perplexed. The doctor believes she told Prachi in that manner. Pallavi and the others travel to Ranbir’s house. Pallavi chastises Ranbir for putting his life in danger.

Vikram tells them they may scold him at home and departs with Ranbir. The doctor wonders whether Ranbir trusted her or not. Preethi is waiting for Ashok. Ashok exits the airport and demands that Preethi takes him to Prachi as soon as possible. Prachi’s phone number is dialed by Ashok. Prachi picks up the phone and tells him she’s Fine. Ashok speaks that the previous hotel has been confiscated, therefore come to the Joy Hotel, where I have prepared a room for you.

Prachi agrees. Ashok asks Preethi to stop the car at the mall so they may buy clothes and other goods for Prachi. Ranbir misses Prachi and imagines her all over the house. What is happening to Ranbir perplexes him. He covers his ears. Aryan arrives and inquires about the location of Ranbir. Prachi, according to Ranbir, can be found everywhere. That’s why you adore her, according to Aryan.

Ranbir claims Prachi is alive and that I saved her, and he questions her about why she didn’t return, to which she responds that she didn’t return because I blamed her for Panchi’s death. Aryan questions whether he met her. Ranbir claims he doesn’t know because she vanished so soon. Aryan claims to have spoken with a doctor friend once and that it could all be in your head because Prachi cannot be alive. Ranbir appeared puzzled. Pallavi shows up and offers him milk.

She notices Ranbir is distressed. She requests that he explain what happened. Ranbir wraps his arms around her. He assures her that everything is fine, but she is skeptical and requests that he explain what is hurting him. Ranbir expresses his worry about meeting them again in the hotel. Pallavi responds that this will not happen because my love will protect you. Ranbir wraps his arms around her and Aryan. Pallavi demands that turmeric milk be placed in front of her. Ranbir takes a sip. Pallavi and Aryan have already left. Ranbir is perplexed as to how everything appears so real if it is all in his head.
Episode ends.

Precap: Kaya invites Ranbir to accompany her, and they will discuss construction-related tasks; otherwise, she will quit till the evening. Ranbir refuses, claiming that he does not work for her. Kaya reveals that she purchased the business. Prachi informs Khushi that she will choose a dress for her

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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