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KumKum Bhagya 16th February 2023 Written Update: Ranbir select dresses for Prachi

The episode starts with Ashok arriving and approaching Priya. Ashok asks Priya why Prachi hasn’t arrived yet. He further tells Priya to contact Prachi and check why she has not reached her yet. Priya agrees. Ranbir and Prachi have a connection in the mall. Prachi receives a phone call from Priya. Priya informs Prachi that Ashok is asking about her. Prachi asks Priya to apologize to Ashok on her behalf as she had to go shopping unexpectedly.

Ashok accepts her apology. He tells Prachi to do her shopping and then attend the meeting. Prachi hangs off the phone. Prachi thinks Ranbir is in this shopping mall too Ranbir decides to forget Prachi and move on and concentrate on his career. A salesperson approaches Kaya and asks her to try on one of her outfits. Kaya tells the salesman that she is not shopping for her. She further asks about Ranbir’s whereabouts, claiming that if he had been present, they could have discussed a few issues to which Ranbir advises Kaya that they should set a definite time to meet.

Kaya replies that she does not have time today. Ranbir comments on it. Ranbir thinks the green dress looks great on her. Kaya expresses her displeasure and walks off. The saleswoman asks Ranbir about his ability to communicate with Kaya. Ranbir argues he has no option because she is the owner’s daughter. Ranbir chooses a gown for Khushi. A salesperson walks to Prachi and informs her that Khushi has picked a couple of gowns for her.

When Prachi sees Khushi, she immediately remembers Panchi. Khushi is curious about Prachi’s clothing. Prachi finds them attractive. Prachi informs Khushi about her child. Khushi comes to Prachi and requests her to make her meet with her child. Prachi breaks down in tears. Khushi notices Prachi’s tears and comforts her. Prachi smiles as she sees Khushi. Khushi asks Prachi to listen to her to which Prachi calls Khushi stubborn.

Khushi comments on it. Khushi thanks Prachi for her help. Prachi thanks Khushi for letting her adore her as if she were her child. Khushi asks Prachi to try on a dress before handing it to her. Prachi agrees and leaves to try it. The saleswoman collides with Kaya. She apologizes to Kaya while Kaya is angry with the Saleswoman for bumping into her. She decides to register a formal complaint with her boss.

Prachi approaches Kaya and asks why she is in such a foul mood. Prachi is warned by Kaya not to disturb her when she is talking to someone. Kaya walks off from there. The saleswoman pleads with Prachi to speak with her friend Kaya as she is going to complain to their management. Prachi assures the saleswoman not to grow worried and further asks about the trial room. Ranbir collides with Khushi.

Khushi wonders why Ranbir has come here. Ranbir asks the same question to Khushi. Khushi claims she arrived here with her mum. Ranbir claims he is forced to come here. Ranbir questions why Khushi continually refers to him as Ranbir Kapoor. Khushi thinks it’s because he resembles her mother. Ranbir replies to what she stated. Ranbir chooses a couple of clothes for Khushi’s mother and instructs her to offer them to her mother.

Khushi thanks Ranbir and walks away. Khushi approaches Prachi and invites her to put on these clothes. Prachi finds that the trail room door has become jammed and would not open. Prachi begs Khushi to ask the saleswoman for help. Khushi agrees and offers the outfits to Ranbir before leaving to request help. Ranbir calls Khushi’s mother and tells her that her daughter has gone to call someone and hands the gowns to Prachi while Prachi hears Ranbir’s voice and thinks he can’t be there. She thanks Ranbir for the dress. Ranbir recognizes Prachi’s voice and asks the lady inside about her name.
Episode Ends.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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