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KumKum Bhagya 17th February 2023 Written Update: Prachi runs away from Ranbir

The episode starts with Prachi expressing gratitude to Ranbir for the dress. Ranbir recognizes Prachi’s voice and inquires about her name. Ranbir believes he has gone insane and leaves from there. Prachi is wondering if he is Ranbir or not. Prachi is stuck in a dilemma because she feels she needs to go to him but is also angry at Ranbir for what he did. Prachi thinks she isn’t understanding how she feels.

Pallavi is greeted by Aryan. Aryan notices Damini and inquires as to what she is doing here. Damini asks Aryan if he didn’t expect her to come here. Aryan describes it as a surprise. Pallavi claims Damini arrived with her father to set up a date. Hearing about Pandit surprises Aryan. Pallavi remarks to Damini and then leaves. Damini begs Aryan to end the drama and say no to the marriage. Aryan encourages Damini to say no since she, too, does not want this marriage to happen.

Damini and Aryan get into an argument. After a while, Damini questions Aryan about what he would do if he truly married her. She adds what if everyone will compliment him since he married a doctor. Aryan urges Damini to refuse the marriage. Khushi approaches Ranbir and inquires about the clothes she provided for him. Ranbir claims to have given her mother the dresses. Khushi tries to show the saleswoman the locked door, but she insists she already knows because it is always locked.

Once the saleswoman left, Ranbir tells Khushi that if these people know the door gets locked, why can’t they fix it? Khushi agrees with Ranbir and decides to notify them. Ranbir presents Khushi with a gown and informs her that it is for her. Ranbir walks away to take a phone call. Khushi decides the gown is too expensive and returns it. Ranbir approaches Khushi and inquires about the gown’s whereabouts.

Khushi shows her displeasure. Ranbir recognizes this and tells Khushi not to worry about the money because he is paying for it. Khushi concurs. Ranbir leaves to pay for the dress. Prachi enters and asks Khushi if she chose this dress to which Khushi replies that Shiv choose this dress and decides to show her. Daljeet thinks that Sunday is an auspicious day. Daljeet’s father compliments Damini as she sets the date in front of the Pandit.

Pallavi, on hearing this, gives Damini a ring as a gift. Pandit ji confronts Daljeet, claiming that Sunday is not a fortunate day. Daljeet is questioned by the entire family about it. Daljeet says she got a dress online and it will arrive on Sunday, thus she considers Sunday to be a lucky day. Daljeet is mentioned by the entire family. Kaya scolds the shop manager and walks off from there. Ranbir shares with the shopkeeper that he would like to purchase two sarees.

Kaya asks Ranbir to arrive as soon as possible. Ranbir apologizes to the shop manager on Kaya’s behalf and proceeds to the saree area after paying for the gown he selects for Khushi. Khushi notices that Ranbir is not present, and she is unable to introduce Prachi to Ranbir. Prachi convinces Khushi to buy a few clothes for herself. Khushi agrees and requests Prachi to help her find Shiv. Prachi says she has no idea what Shiv looks like. Khushi says Shiv is very cute.

Prachi leaves in search of Shiv. Prachi notices an outfit at the reception and expresses her desire to buy it. The shopkeeper claims that’s not possible because someone bought it. Prachi queries the shop manager about what she can do to get this dress. The shop manager requests Prachi to speak with the man who purchased this dress, who is in the saree section. Prachi asks about how he looks. The receptionist replies he is cute.

Ranbir chooses sarees for Daljeet and Pallavi. Prachi searches for the individual who bought the dress. Ranbir learns the identity of the doctor who told him he was hallucinating. Ranbir follows her. The saleswoman greets Gauthami. Gauthami questions the saleswoman about her child’s absence from school. The salesperson explains and further decides to tell her daughter about her interaction with her English teacher.

Gauthami agrees. Ranbir searches for Gauthami. Prachi pushes Gauthami to the side and runs away from Ranbir. Prachi apologizes to Gauthami for including him in her dilemma. Gauthami asks Prachi about Ranbir. Prachi claims to be her spouse and is unable to say anything else.
Episode Ends.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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