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KumKum Bhagya 18th February 2023 Written Update: Ranbir hits Prachi’s car

The episode starts with Ranbir approaching the shop manager and inquiring whether he had seen a young girl. The shopkeeper tells Ranbir that he spotted a small girl and that her mother must be searching for him since she too wants this dress. Ranbir replies he chose and bought this dress. He further asks the shopkeeper if he saw Khushi, and continues by explaining Khushi’s appearance to which the shop manager speaks out that Khushi’s mother is looking for him because she wants that dress.

Ranbir realizes that the dress belongs to Khushi and instructs the shop manager to hand it over to Khushi’s mother. Kaya phones Ranbir, asking him to arrive as soon as possible. Ranbir obliges and walks off from there. The shopkeeper informs Prachi that she is lucky as the man who bought this dress offered it to her. Prachi inquires the shopkeeper about the man’s whereabouts since she wants to thank him to which the shopkeeper tells Prachi that the man walked that way and is wearing a pink shirt.

Prachi looks for him and compliments a man wearing a pink shirt. Ranbir later realizes he left the sarees at reception and goes to get them. Prachi walks to Khushi and makes her try a few dresses which she chose for her whereas Priya calls Prachi. Prachi informs Priya that she will be unable to attend the meeting because her work here has not been completed yet to which Priya tells Prachi that she didn’t call her because of the meeting but to inform her that her house has been finalized.

Prachi says to Priya that she will talk about it later and disconnects the phone. Ranbir goes over to the shopkeeper and says he returned to pay for the two sarees. He learns from the shopkeeper that Khushi’s mother came looking for him. He decides to check on Khushi as he believes her mother left her. Kaya notices a man inside a car. She gets horrified as she sees the car and rushes into her car. Prachi notices Khushi in the new outfits. Prachi thinks Khushi is adorable.

Khushi tells Prachi that Shiv and her, both chose this dress to which Prachi asks Khushi to take this dress. Khushi refuses as it’s too costly. Prachi comments on it and convinces Khushi to accept the dress. Prachi further suggests Khushi try on different clothes. Khushi tells she is hungry. Prachi decides to have food after it. Khushi agrees. Ranbir inquires from a saleswoman about a small girl named Khushi.

He gets to know from sales women that Khushi left. Ranbir gets inside the car. Kaya questions Ranbir on why he took so long. and asks Ranbir to drive quickly. Ranbir agrees. Ranbir accidentally hits Prachi’s car while backing the car. Kaya questions Ranbir about his ability to drive properly. Ranbir says that if she didn’t rush him, he would drive responsibly. Ranbir goes to check out and notices a dent in Prachi’s car. Ranbir later apologizes to God for hitting the car by accident.

He gets into his car and drives away. Prachi comes there and notices that her car has a scratch and that the other car is driving away. She takes down the car number while Khushi asks Prachi what happened and Prachi tells her that someone hit their car and ran away. She sees the car number and comments that cowardly individuals will escape from their mistakes without even apologizing. After a while, Prachi and Khushi arrive home.

Khushi questions Prachi if this is her home. Prachi says yes. Dadi opens the door. Khushi runs away from them. Prachi is taken aback when she notices Dadi and Shahana. She questions if Priya informed them. Priya helped us in surprising you, claimed Shahana. Shahana further sees Khushi standing behind Prachi and inquires about her. Prachi introduces Khushi as a person who makes everyone happy by writing their forecast. Khushi praises Prachi and tells them how she was saved by Prachi after falling on the road while selling flowers.

Dadi wonders why she is working at her age. Khushi tells that she likes to help her mother and enjoys making others happy with her roses. Shahana compares herself to her. Khushi requests food from Prachi. Prachi apologizes and says she will prepare food. Shahana informs them that she made butter paneer. Khushi expresses a wish to eat food prepared by her mother. Prachi informs Dadi and Shahana that Khushi calls her mumma. She further walks to the kitchen to cook food.

Shahana says to Dadi that Khushi has ordered Prachi, which they are unable to fulfill. Khushi tells that she cannot do it at home because her mother chastises her, so she is asking Prachi’s mother. She informs Shahana and Dadi about her shopping and shows her shopping happily. Dadi smiles when she sees Prachi and Khushi. Ranbir asks Kaya if she is doing fine to which Kaya asks Ranbir to finish the project and present it to her on time, and then she will notify him about her health. Ranbir gets irked and wonders why she argues with everyone. Kaya gets scared when she notices the car chasing them in the rearview mirror. Ranbir notices Kaya and wonders why she is acting strange.
Episode Ends.

Precap: Ranbir asks Khushi’s mother to be polite with Khushi. Laali scolds Ranbir and says they just need money to survive. Ranbir stands speechless.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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