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KumKum Bhagya 20th February 2023 Written Update: Khushi saves Dida

The episode starts with Kaya checking outdoors and seeing that no one is there. She relaxes and boards a cab. Shahana writes down what she requires. Dadi comes there. Shahana asks whether she slept. Dadi tells she was unable to sleep. Shahana shows her the painting she purchased and asks if Prachi will praise it. Dadi encourages her and asks Shahana to notify her if Prachi has arrived since she wishes to speak with her.

Shahana tells Dadi that Prachi has returned home. Dadi walks into Prachi’s room and says that she hasn’t seen her happy in a long time. Prachi claims that Khushi can add joy to anyone’s life. She uses Panchi’s name while speaking about Khushi. Dadi inquires if she is missing Panchi. Prachi shares with Dadi that she would never forget her daughter.

She says she is working to distract herself from her grief, and now Khushi is helping me to feel better while still reminding me of Panchi. Dadi asks Prachi what she will do if there is a chance for her to move on from the sadness of losing Panchi. Prachi questions Dadi on how that is feasible. Dadi suggests Prachi adopt a child. She asks Prachi to adopt Khushi. Prachi claims that Khushi has a mother.

Dadi says we can think about her later, so consider adoption first. She walks away. Prachi considers Khushi. Laali looks at the clothes and notices how pricey and high-quality they are. Khushi claims she didn’t want to accept it, but Prachi’s mother forced her to. Laali requests that Khushi bring her sarees the next time they meet. She promises to sell her dresses and brings her new sarees.

Khushi claims to have given these outfits with affection. Laali urges her to take one. Khushi snatches one of their dresses. Laali tells her about the tasks for the next day and pushes them down. Khushi cries in distress. Prachi awakens and wonders why she fears Khushi is not well. Khushi expresses her pain, but Laali overlooks her. Prachi is missed by Khushi. Prachi, on the other hand, misses Khushi. The next morning, Khushi sells flowers near the temple the next day.

Pallavi also visits the temple. She looks for Daljeet. Daljeet becomes weak and collapses. Khushi saves Dida in time by stopping the car as it is about to run over her. Pallavi notices Dida’s condition. Khushi chooses Daljeet and Pallavi. She tells Pallavi to contact Doctor. Juhi’s mother believes Laali will punish Khushi for leaving her work yet again. Aryan complains about Damini to Ranbir. Ranbir tries to complete his task, but Aryan disagrees and complains about Damini to Ranbir.

Ranbir abandons his work. Ranbir questions Aryan about his refusal to marry Damini. Aryan claims he has no feelings for Damini. Ranbir explains that he does it because he adores Shahana. Aryan strongly rejects it. Ranbir reminds Aryan that he remembers Shahana’s name while he is sleeping. Pallavi and Khushi bring Daljeet to the residence. Ranbir wonders what Khushi is doing here. Pallavi is concerned about Daljeet and requests that Ranbir consult a doctor.

Khushi instructs Daljeet to simply tell herself that she is brave and that nothing bad would happen to her. Ranbir chuckles at Khushi seeing this. The doctor arrives and apologizes to Pallavi for being late due to traffic. The doctor examines Daljeet and inquires about the incident. Pallavi said Daljeet became dizzy post leaving the temple. The doctor examines Daljeet and asks what she ate. Daljeet requests the doctor to refrain from commenting on her eating. The doctor further diagnosed Dida with minor acidity. Daljeet requests Dida to double-check everything. Khushi remarks and compliments the doctor’s profession.
Episode Ends.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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