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KumKum Bhagya 21st February 2023 Written Update: Prachi decides to adopt Khushi

The episode starts with the doctor inquiring from the Kohli family regarding the identity of the little girl. Ranbir introduces her as Khushi. Khushi introduces herself to the doctor as well. The doctor compliments Khushi on how well she conveyed everything to Daljeet. Ranbir adds his opinion. The doctor informs Daljeet that the symptoms of cardiac arrest and an acid attack are the same. Daljeet is teased by Ranbir and Aryan teases Daljeet for being unable to eat her favorite cuisine.

Daljeet comments on it while The doctor suggests Khushi give Daljeet another lesson when he will leave. The doctor then walks off. Pallavi decides to bring soup for Daljeet and leaves from there. Ranbir is perplexed as to why Pallavi is giggling. Pallavi tells Ranbir that he might not understand. Ranbir comments on this. Pallavi expresses her joy at the sudden appearance of Khushi and says that everyone is ecstatic with Khushi’s presence. Ranbir concur.

Pallavi questions Ranbir on how he met Khushi. Ranbir claims he met Khushi by coincidence and reveals to Pallavi how he met Khushi and how she keeps everyone happy. Aryan remarks on it. Ranbir agrees. Khushi notifies Daljeet that she is behaving like a child. Daljeet shares her thoughts. Daljeet wonders how Khushi knows. Khushi says that she does the same thing when she wants attention, but her mother doesn’t fall for it. Daljeet inquires about Khushi’s mother.

Khushi tells that her mother sells flowers. Khushi tries to convince Daljeet to quit acting and step out of bed. Daljeet agrees. Khushi and Daljeet settle on a game of carrots. Pallavi arrives and offers Daljeet soup to drink. Daljeet refuses to take it and requests Pallavi to return it. Khushi tries to feed Daljeet and asks her to open her mouth. She further makes Dida eat soup. Ranbir and Pallavi thanked Khushi for helping them out. Ranbir gets a call and he leaves to attend it.

Daljeet talks to Pallavi and says Khushi and her mother are flower sellers to which Pallavi says that Ranbir informed her. Khushi offers to get them lovely flowers if they wish. Pallavi asks her to bring whatever she desires. Khushi agrees. She recalls her interaction with Prachi. Daljeet asks Khushi what transpired to which Khushi says I’m wondering about someone. Pallavi inquires whether it is her mother. Khushi refuses. She realizes she hasn’t informed her mother about her arrival.

She requests a phone call from her mother. Aryan offers her his phone. Khushi walks away to contact her mother. Ranbir arrives and requires about Khushi’s whereabouts. Pallavi says she rushed to tell her mother of her arrival via phone call. Daljeet says she is missing her grandchild seeing Khushi. True, declares Ranbir. Dida asks Ranbir to adopt Khushi so that they can be happy. Ranbir tells that Khushi does have a mother and that we cannot adopt her.

Prachi walks from her room. She smiles as she notices Kushi’s bracelet on the floor. She considers becoming Khushi’s mother. She decides to adopt Khushi. Ranbir, on the other hand, is concerned about why Khushi’s mother will consent to the adoption. Daljeet says she will agree. Aryan asks how she is so sure to which Daljeet replies that her mother is terrible, predicated on Khushi’s statements. Ranbir recalls Laila’s behavior and agrees with Dida.

Ranbir receives the call and steps aside to answer the phone. Dida advised Pallavi to convince Ranbir to accept the adoption. Pallavi agrees. She notices Khushi crying. She confronts her and asks what transpired. Khushi states that her mother is angry. Pallavi promises her that she will visit and talk with her mother. Khushi asks her if she can send her with Ranbir. Pallavi assures her that Ranbir will accompany her and requests her not to cry. Prachi visits Dadi. Shahana invites Prachi to tell her what she wants to say. Dadi instructs Prachi to urge Shahana to marry so that her childishness may cease. Shahana believes that she and her children will fight over chocolate. Prachi notifies Dadi that she has decided to adopt Khushi. Shahana is overjoyed that her sister is going to be a parent.
Episode Ends.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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