KumKum Bhagya 25th January 2023 Written Update: Prachi gets fired

The episode starts with Prachi assuring the old lady that they won’t ruin her memories if she hands over her property to them. Lady asks how it’s possible. Prachi explains to the lady and the employees that they will settle her house on the top floor of the building with technology. Manish reminds Prachi that is a costly process and Prachi claims that it’s important and informs the lady that she has planned all the facilities for the kids, and reveals that 200 families will stay here and their life will be upgraded.

She further promises to lift all the things using technology. The old lady gets emotional and agrees to the deal. She asks Prachi to get the papers. Prachi brings the papers while the lady signs them. Dida and Pallavi pray to Maata rani for Ranbir to get the project. Dida offers prasad to Pallavi and says she has prayed for Ranbir’s project. Ranbir comes there and hears them. He goes inside and tells Dida and Pallavi that he got the project.

Pallavi and Dida get happy and hugs him. He demands gajar ka halwa and further informs her that he needs to go. Pallavi and Dida leave to prepare halwa. Aryan questions Ranbir about why he lied to them. Ranbir says if one lie is giving them so much happiness, then he can lie many more times. He adds he is now aware of Alia’s planning so he will stay alert now. Aryan hugs him and gets happy for Ranbir as he didn’t give up while Ranbir promises Aryan that he will make everything better.

Pallavi walks there with halwa and enquires if he didn’t get freshened up till now. Ranbir gets surprised as Pallavi prepared it quickly. Pallavi says she had already made it. She makes him eat halwa. Ranbir thinks of Panchi and recalls demanding Prachi to leave after accusing her of snatching their daughter. Galloher and everyone praise Prachi. Gallaher tells Chairmen that the project work will start as the job is done.

He reminds the Chairman that Prachi will get a share of 50% of profits. Chairman praises Prachi and calls her his miracle girl who settles every issue. He gives a promotion to Prachi and tells her to shift to Delhi as their official head. Prachi gets upset hearing Delhi. She recalls Ranbir accusing her and telling Chairman that she can’t go to Delhi. She says she doesn’t want this promotion. Chairman says he will fire her from the job if she rejects his offer and asks her to reconsider her decision.

Prachi gets adamant and refuses the offer. The chairman fires her and asks her to leave the office. Prachi heads towards her cabin while Galloher gets surprised and asks Chairman why he took this step. Chairman says she has refused my offer. Prachi takes her stuff in the box and tells her that he forced her to go there. Priya struggles to stop Prachi and asks if there is any problem in Delhi.

Prachi thinks Ranbir is there and walks away. Ranbir misses Panchi while waiting for the signal. Panchi gives him a flower and leaves. Ranbir turns to look at her and notices her going. He spots a note which states that smile is good and it doesn’t cost anything. Ranbir smiles and wonders who is this girl. Khushi thinks if he smiled. Prachi comes home. Dida and Shahana question if what they heard is true.

Prachi reveals that Ashok fired her. Dadi asks if Ashok fired you, who praises you a lot. Shahana tells how she learned about this from Priya. She goes behind Prachi and enquires why she doesn’t want to go to Delhi. Prachi says that the city snatched everything from her so she doesn’t want to return there. Shahana struggles to tell her she is not going back to Ranbir but Prachi avoids the talk and shuts the door.

Khushi sees there is no food at home. Khushi asks Aayi about food. Aayi says she was not in the mood to make food and asks her to get food from neighbors. Khushi decides to prepare food herself but Aayi stops her and asks her to go and get it from her neighbor. Ranbir returns home and notices Prachi waiting for him. It turns out to be his illusion. He thinks Prachi cannot return to his life. Prachi in tears watches the moon and recalls Ranbir calling their daughter moon and star. She looks at the locket and misses Panchi.

Episode ends.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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