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KumKum Bhagya 3rd February 2023 Written Update: Ranbir consoles Prachi

The episode starts with Khushi being awakened by Laali. She informs Khushi that they have a substantial job through which they may make a month’s worth of wages. Khushi promises to assist her to which Laali claims that’s why I didn’t wake you up. Khushi leaves to get ready. Ganesh informs Minty that the work has been completed. Minty is at ease. Prachi visits Kaya and asks why she looks lifeless. Kayai informs her that she is experiencing nausea.

Prachi taps Kaya’s hand and says that she has a temperature. She takes Kaya and pleads with her to rest in her room. Boss instructs his terrorist crew to reach their objective. Kaya is made to sit on the bed by Prachi. Prachi decides to call the Doctor. Kaya says the manager will bring the Doctor with him. Prachi asks Kaya to eat fruits as she needs to take tablets. Prachi denies but Kaya blackmails that she doesn’t eat if she denies telling her.

Prachi agrees and tells her how she met Ranbir. She tells Kaya how Ranbir looks to which Kaya says because our thought processes are similar and I might like him too. Prachi describes how they eventually became romantically involved. Prachi sheds emotions as she recollects her interactions with Ranbir. She is told by Kaya that you still adore him. Ranbir walks into Kaya’s space. Aryan asks Dida, Pallavi, and Vikram about their serious demeanor.

You are aware that I spoke with Dlamini’s parents, yet you forced her to reject you, claims Vikram. Aryan says he is clueless and that she rejected him. Dida and Pallavi comment on how good Damini is and ask why you didn’t like her. I swear to God, Damini rejected me, Aryan claims. To clear up the misunderstanding, Vikram promises to invite Damini and her parents to their homes. Dida and Pallavi request a call from Vikram right away.

Vikram calls Damini’s father and extends an invitation to visit. They concur. Let them come, Aryan says, and then we can talk. Before Ranbir notices Prachi, she enters a different room. When Ranbir notices Kaya crying, he begs her not to cry as a doctor is coming. Kaya is crying because she made her friend cry. Ranbir claims that you enjoy making people weep. When Kaya asks her buddy about her husband or lover, she starts crying and begs him to keep it in check.

Ranbir speaks that if we love someone, we only have their memories and pain because they cause us agony. Kaya says it’s like you said my friend’s heart so please do me a favor. Ranbir asks what flavor she wants. Kaya says my friend is in that room so make her feel comfortable with your words and if you do it then I will give you leave. Ranbir goes to his room and calls Kaya’s friend. Prachi opens the faucet, washes her face, and then leaves it open.

Ranbir moves closer to the door and attempts to console her verbally. the hand rests on the door. Prachi also extends a hand. Although they are connected, neither of them took it seriously. Ranbir tells her that he prays from the bottom of his heart that she may find true love, and he asks her to cry to ease her burden, but not to cry again, as if tears only flow in front of that person or when we are by ourselves. He keeps his composure.

He suggests Prachi to find joy in the little things in life. He says I’m not lecturing you, but I mourn my love, and we need to move on. He offers to become pals. He requests her to reveal her face by opening the door. Prachi closes the faucet and walks off. |Episode ends.|

Precap: The terrorists attacked the hotel. Prachi and Ranbir get alerted.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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