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KumKum Bhagya 6th February 2023 Written Update: Ranbir and Prachi stuck in a terrorist attack

The episode starts with Prachi looking for Kaya. She gives Kaya a call. Kaya receives the calls and informs Prachi that a terrorist attack is taking place in the hotel and asks for her whereabouts. Prachi says I know it and enquires if she is fine. Kaya tells she hid with Receptionist to which Prachi says she’s happy that Mihika is with her. Kaya asks Prachi if she is familiar with the receptionist.

Prachi says yes and tells Kaya that Mihika will keep her safe, so stick with her. She asks Kaya to hand over to my the phone to Megha. Kaya obliges. Prachi reminds her of their training pledge and tells her they need to save everyone. Megha agrees. Prachi asks regarding their whereabouts. Megha informs her that they took refuge in the kitchen. Prachi instructs them to stay and hangs up the phone. Lady rises and begs Prachi to protect her kid.

Prachi becomes emotional and swears to save them both. She gathers everyone and asks them not to be disruptive. Ranbir and Khushi seek refuge from terrorists. Khushi fears her mother will be upset. When the terrorist hears her voice, he draws his gun and points it at them. Ranbir asks why she is behaving like Choti Prachi. They are at odds. The terrorist informs Ranbir and Khushi that he remembers his daughter seeing their fight. Ranbir feels he may leave them in his grief and claims to be Khushi’s father. Whether you’re my father, Khushi asks.

Yes, Ranbir responds, let’s get home since we made up. You will both die, the terrorist declares as he stops them. Ranbir hits the terrorist and flees with Khushi. The terrorist decides to murder Ranbir and Khushi. Prachi directs the people out there to the exit. She discovers it’s locked and thinks that the key is with Ganesh. She hears terrorists approaching that route and takes customers from another way. The terrorists return downstairs, wondering where Prachi and company have gone.

The boss calls one of his men and orders him to gather everyone in the room to deliver his word. He concurs. Khushi informs Ranbir that he is unaware of his mother’s rage. Ranbir claims to know what is correct. Khushi bursts into tears. Ranbir realizes Khushi is dissatisfied with her existence. He expresses regret to her. He leads Khushi to the room where he is hearing sounds. Prachi keeps the hostages in the room as she goes to find the master key to escape from the hotel.

One of the terrorists attempts to break down the door where Ranbir and Khushi are hiding. Khushi sobs in terror. Ranbir reassures her. Khushi is hidden in the cabinet by him. Terrorists break into the room and open fire on Ranbir. Ranbir flees from him. The Terrorist receives a phone call and exits the room. Prachi obtains the master key and the guest registration to save everyone. Terrorist takes notice of her.

Ranbir notices her from behind as well. A terrorist blows up an explosive near Prachi. Ranbir sets a time constraint on Prachi. The bomb exploded. Prachi and Ranbir go in different directions. Everyone flees in terror. Ranbir remembers Khushi. He rushes out to save her. Prachi praises him, but he avoids her and leaves the room. Prachi asks her colleagues to join her. The terrorist is informed by the boss that a VIP’s daughter is being married today at the hotel.

The terrorist threatens to kill everyone. The boss instructs the terrorist to take the VIP prisoner since he may be useful in their strategy. The media, according to the boss, have also arrived at the hotel. The boss orders the terrorists to spread fear there. He warns the terrorists not to get captured by the cops. The boss tells the terrorists that if they are captured, they should commit suicide because the police may torture them to extract information. The terrorist nods.
Episode ends.

Precap: Prachi tries to take Kaya with her. Kaya decides to save Ranbir. Terrorist notices them.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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