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Udaariyan 6th February 2023 Written Update: Nehmat’s life in danger

The episode starts with Advait calling the fire department. He tidies his shirt. He carries Nehmat in an ambulance. Ekam and Harleen have arrived at the farmhouse. The ambulance passes by Ekam and Harleen’s car. Ekam comes to a halt and looks strangely at the ambulance. Harleen asks that Ekam drive away. Advait whisks Nehmat away to the hospital. The reporters question Advait about Nehmat, who is pregnant.

Advait tells the reporters that they were vacationing in their farmhouse after their election campaign when it caught fire. Meanwhile, Ekam and Harleen have arrived at the form house. They are taken aback when they witness the blazing farmhouse. The servant tells that Advait is alright and Nehmat was injured. Ekam remembers the ambulance. He reveals to Harleen that he had the right idea about Nehmat. They rush to the hospital while Sandhus and Kapoors arrived at the hospital.

Rupy and Satti are concerned about Nehmat. Shamsher is concerned that Nehmat’s phony pregnancy would be discovered. Naaz questions what occurred at the farmhouse and whether Mallika was around when the accident occurred. She calls Mallika but no response from the other side. Naaz notices Nehmat being discussed on the news stations. She gets irked thinking that every time she tries to harm Nehmat, it ends up becoming in her favor.

Mallika arrives at her home in the meantime. She becomes concerned as she remembers Nehmat asking her to make her affair with Advait public. She powered off her phone and further stopped Renuka from turning on the television. Advait receives a video call from Shamsher in which he asks Advait to show Nehmat to her family. He agrees. The doctor visits them and tells them that he is unable to comment until he sees Nehmat’s reports.

Shamsher wonders that the truth about the phony pregnancy shouldn’t be disclosed. He takes the doctor away to talk. Ekam arrives at the hospital and learns from the receptionist that Nehmat is in the intensive care unit. Advait is noticed by Ekam. He visits Advait. He puts out his clothes and asks him what he did with Nehmat. Advait lies to Ekam but but Ekam does not accept his story.

He claims that Nehmat has come to meet him after he dropped her off there when her car broke down. He adds after seeing the farmhouse, it doesn’t appear to have been an accident. Shamsher stops Ekam and demands he carries out his responsibility and manages the media, which is anxious to learn about Nehmat’s well-being. Shamsher further asks Advait to speak with the reporters, as he needs to meet the doctor. Advait claims that if it is discovered that he has lied, Ekam won’t spare him.

Advait is taken aside by Shamsher. He claims that his fabricated story won’t be able to fool him in the same way as it fools Ekam and the media. He questions Advait about what occurred at the farmhouse. Advait speaks that Nehmat wished to end their romantic relationship. Shamsher gets disappointed as Advait describes what occurred in the farmhouse. There, Satti prays to God for Nehmat. Harleen arrives there and distributes the prasad she gets from Gurudwara to Satti and Rupy.

Shamsher grows furious and chastises Advait for his stupidity. Satti and Rupy are reassured by Shamsher and Rama that Nehmat would be okay. Shamsher gestures to Neeru while Neeru cries and shows faux concern for Nehmat’s recovery. Shamsher and Advait struggle to send Satti and Rupy to go home. But they refuse. Shamsher lashes out at Neeru and Rama for allowing Satti to approach Nehmat. Ekam observes this and thinks about why no one met Nehmat Kapoor. He becomes uneasy. He decides not to let spare Kapoor if they’re accountable for Nehmat’s condition.
Episode ends.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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