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KumKum Bhagya 8th February 2023 Written Update: Ranbir advices Apurva

The episode starts with the boss informing his guys that Ranbir may be able to help them with their objective. He photographs Ranbir. He calls his guys and informs them that he gave the photo to him and that if they find the groom, they can kill everyone and cause havoc, so first make the person captive that I sent you. . The terrorist accepts to carry out the commands of his supervisor.

When he looks at the photo, he realizes it was Ranbir who pushed him and vows to teach him a lesson. Ranbir instructs Yash and his family to remain in the room until help arrives, after which he walks out to save Kaya and her partner. Bride Apurva stops Ranbir and asks him to bring her fiancee to her because she can’t live without him. Ranbir wonders if she truly loves him. Apurva says she feels secure with Sandy, and today we are marrying, but my fate has not been kind to me.

Ranbir asks her to believe in her love and promises her that nothing would happen to her love. He further questions if she confessed her feelings to Sandy. Apurva’s signs no. Ranbir assures her that he will bring Sandy back to her and advices her to confess her feelings to Sandy as it’s sometimes necessary to admit our feelings to the person we love. He misses Prachi. Apurva asks if he loses his love. Ranbir says his love is inside his heart.

He tells her he will bring Sandy safely. The terrorist shows Ranbir’s photo to their team and instructs them that they must imprison Ranbir as it is their boss’s order as well as the plan. They went in search of Ranbir. Prachi double-checks the register before heading to the Goel rooms and calling them outside. Kaya rushes out of the room, enthusiastically embracing Prachi. Prachi asks whether anyone is there. Kaya swears there is no one inside.

They hear a shot being fired. Prachi claims she needs to assist more people. She invites Kaya to stay and then departs to assist others. Ranbir appears. Kaya walks Ranbir into the room and tells him that her friend is going to help others. Ranbir wonders how she may help others. Kaya describes her friend as courageous. Ranbir claims to be saving people as well. Kaya asks if he is attempting to please her to which Ranbir replies no, and further says that her friend is also saving others, so we both look good.

Kaya calls Prachi perfect and says she dislikes competition. Ranbir inquires as to what she means. Kaya claims you won’t be able to leave me for another female unless I reject you. Ranbir claims she requires the services of a psychiatrist. Kaya manages to say she’s joking. Ranbir notices someone leaving and walks out to assist them. Kaya realizes she started like Ranbir. Terrorists are following a lady, as Ranbir notices. He has no idea who it is and saves Prachi in time. Prachi looks in the mirror and is glad that Ranbir has protected her.

Ranbir thinks about distracting the terrorists. He throws the vase in a new direction. Terrorists move in this way, and then he pushes terrorists and escapes the room with others. Sandy expresses his appreciation to Ranbir for protecting him. Sandy approaches Ranbir, proclaiming himself to be his savior. Ranbir gives him a hug and tells him that his future wife is his savior and that she loves him.

Sandy gets emotional while Ranbir asks what happened. Sandy claims that this morning I fought with her and made the decision not to marry her, but now I realize I was mistaken. Ranbir says they make mistakes in a hurry and tells him not to do the same mistake with his love. Sandy asks about his love’s name. Ranbir says, Prachi.
Episode ends.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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