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KumKum Bhagya 9th February 2023 Written Update: Prachi decides to stay away from Ranbir

The episode starts with Ranbir revealing to Sandy that I have made my love away from me, owing to my ego, and that girl has got away from me, I have numerous memories of her, but don’t have her. Sandy asks about her name. Prachi, says Ranbir while Prachi breaks down in tears. She gets a phone call from Shahana. Shahana wonders if everything is all right and comments on seeing the news on television.

Prachi, in tears, informs Shahana about Ranbir’s presence. Shahana asks what happened to him. Prachi tells that he is fine and that I met him here. She adds she wants him close to her, but she is relieved that he didn’t see her and claims that she doesn’t want to run into him again. She continues by saying that she realized Ranbir is both her source of joy and her source of sadness. Shahana instructs Prachi to evacuate the danger zone with caution.

She inquires about Ranbir’s whereabouts. Prachi sees Ranbis is alone and says she’ll visit Ranbir before hanging up the phone. Shahana prays to God to keep Prachi and Ranbir protected. Ranbir tells Sandy that he regrets hurting Prachi and advises her to live happily with Apurva. Terrorists arrive. Ranbir forces Sandy to escape. Terrorists kidnap Ranbir and hit him on the head. Sandy runs into Apurva and informs her that Ranbir rescued her and that she has sent for him.

Prachi rushes to knock on Ranbir’s door. Kaya walks out and asks Prachi what happened. Prachi claims he’s well, but I misunderstood him. She insists on meeting with him. Kaya queries what she’s saying and tells her that they need to protect other people in danger at the hotel. Prachi agrees and further requests everyone in the room to follow her. The terrorists are searching for Singhania’s son-in-law.

He asserts that if our man arrests him and allows him to carry out the plan, our operation would be a success. On CCTV, he notices that their man has captured Ranbir. The terrorist leader believes they have arrested Yashvardhan’s son-in-law and warns his brother that as a result of this strike, their group’s name would be covered all over the world. He claims it is time to divulge the identity of their Khaida gang to the government and the rest of the world.

In the meantime, terrorists bound the unconscious Ranbir with rope. The commissioner assures politicians that he would handle the situation correctly. After hanging up the phone, he thinks about how to control the situation without learning the Terrorists’ motives or names. The leader of the Khaida faction refers to him as Commissioner. The Khalifa gang’s leader warns Commissioner that numerous bomb blasts are planned throughout the city.

Commissioner requests the terrorist to refrain from doing so and that he inform them of their demands while The head of the Khalifa group asserts that it is an act by Khaida’s organization, that this attack would promote our name around the world, and that we have no demands other than our name. Vikram and Aryan struggle to comfort Pallavi, but she avoids them. She claims to want Ranbir. She urges Vikram to contact higher-level officials.

They learn from the news that terrorists have blown up several railway lines. Commissioner informs his unit that he has issued a red alert and that the attacks are the work of the Khaida organization. Prachi pushes everyone to run to the ground. Kaya has been asked to leave. Kaya claims she is unable to go without the manager, and I am aware that he is still alive. Prachi wonders why she is talking about him. Kaya asserts that I dislike him.

Prachi receives communications and informs Kaya of the verified terrorist strike. Kaya is worried about her boss. The terrorist leader advises his brother that the terrorist attack may have already been discovered by everyone in the hotel through live news. He gathers his team and instructs them to turn off all networks in 3m and ensure that no one in the building has a connection to the outside world.

Kaya tells that she needs to contact someone sheneeds to call urgently. She calls someone, but as the connection is lost, she couldn’t talk. She breaks the phone in anger. Prachi informs Kaya that the network has broken and that it is not her phone’s issue. The terrorist on the microphone notifies everyone that they have cut the network.
Episode ends.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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