KumKum Bhagya 7th February 2023 Written Update: Ranbir comforts Khushi

The episode begins with the hostages questioning Prachi about why she is leading them inside to which Prachi says that she must also save other hostages. She walks into the room where she is hiding the other hostages. She informs the hostages of her strategy and promises them that they will be saved. Everyone heads slowly downstairs. Prachi notices Kaya and calls out to her.

Prachi urges Kaya to accompany her and assures her that everything would be alright. Kaya says I have to save Mr. Manager because she summoned him here and he is nice. But you, Prachi, say. Kaya replies you don’t understand and that when I regard someone as mine, I may offer my life as well as take the lives of others. The baby is crying uncontrollably. Kaya requests that she go. Prachi asks Kaya to wait in the dining hall and informs her that she will safely return, leaving everyone else to look for her manager.

Kaya concurs. The news was broadcast live from the hotel by media personnel. Aryan gets concerned when Ranbir does not return his call. Vikram inquires Aryan whether he saw the remote. Pallavi instructs Aryan to look for the remote. Aryan locates the remote and hands it over to Vikram. Vikram is watching the news. Pallavi collapses when she hears the news and informs Vikram and Aryan that Ranbir stayed at the same hotel.

Vikram and Aryan try to console her, but she ignores them and rushes out. Ranbir visits Khushi. Prachi enters the same room and alerts everyone within that terrorists are approaching their side. Prachi does not notice Ranbir. When one man notices the terrorist has departed, everyone else exits the room. Ranbir stops to tie his shoelaces. He commends Khushi for her fortitude.

The Terrorist meets with his employer and informs him that their plan is being carried out successfully. Reporters broadcast the fact that Yashvardhan Singhania is staying at the hotel. Terrorist Boss hears the news and informs his guy that if they get Raj Vardhan and his family, they will be the number one terrorist cell. With his connection, he can see live video from the hotel. Prachi securely forces everyone to depart the hotel.

Lady compliments Prachi and says her kid will be proud of her. Prachi claims that my daughter is not with me and that she will be upset with me. Lady claims that your daughter will return to you and forgive you. Prachi is overjoyed. Lady departs with her husband and child. Prachi becomes aware after hearing a firing sound. She enters to save Kaya. The police arrive at the motel. The police inspector is being grilled by media reporters.

Si instructs his team to remove Media. Ranbir enters Kaya’s room. He notices Kaya and her companion have gone missing. He requests that Khushi stays with his uncle. Khushi expresses her fear. Ranbir encourages her to be bold and sets out to find Kaya. The police inspector receives a call informing him that Yash and his family are inside the hotel. He gathers other teams from the surrounding of the hotel. Vikram and Pallavi approach the hotel.

Pallavi argues she must enter to save his son. Police informed her that they will save her son. Everyone is concerned after hearing the news. Through CCTV footage, the terrorist locates Yash and his family. Ranbir shows up. Yash believes Ranbir is a hotel employee who has come to their aid. Ranbir says he came to look for his boss’s daughter and promises to assist them. The terrorist orders his comrades to take Ranbir under their control for the duration of their mission. Episode ends.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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