Kundali Bhagya 6th January 2023 Written Update: Rakhi tells that Arjun is Karan.

The episode starts with Rahi entering Preeta’s room and informing her that she will be back after meeting Arjun. Meanwhile, the doctor informs Raha that Arjun’s condition is critical but his prayers have saved him. Rakhi enters Arjun’s room and remembers the past incident when she blessed him many times. Just then Arjun wakes up, and Rahi blesses him and cries. Arjun tries to console her while Rakhi thanks her for saving Preeta and Kavya’s life. He says he believes his son is back.

Arjun feels confused as he defends Preeta. Meanwhile, Preeta woke up alone in her room and remembered Anjali’s words. Meanwhile, Rakhi informs Arjuna that she can’t enter Preeta’s room as her voice is calling her like her son. Arjuna was about to finish his sentence, the doctor came to inject. Arjun is scared of the injection, reminds Rahini about Kara, and comes to comfort her. Rakhi came out of the room to see the birthmark on Arjun’s hand.

Meanwhile, Srishti and Samir entered Preeta’s room, Kavya was taking care of her. On the other hand, Preeta tells that she is fine now and goes to check on Arjun. Meanwhile, Rahi remembered seeing Arjun again and was surprised. Just then, he goes to Karena and tells her that he is looking for her, but Rakhi gets shocked and goes to the hospital. Because I believe there is something wrong with Rahi’s behavior. Meanwhile, Arjun tells the nurse that he wants to be discharged when Preeta comes.

Arjun’s face lights up when he sees Preeta and the nurse informs him that Preeta fainted some time ago. Arjun is worried and advises her to rest, but Preeta assures her that she has arrived safely. Kavya then entered Arjun’s room, but Preeta stopped her from approaching her, which surprised him. Meanwhile, Rakhi thinks about Arjun and concludes that he is Karan. Arjun then asks Preeta if she can hug him and after she agrees, he hugs Kavya. Arjun then tells Preeta that keeping Kavya in the hospital is not good for him.

Meanwhile, Rahi returned home and Dadi went straight to the barn without saying anything. Karena follows Rahi and is shocked to see Kara’s belongings scattered in the warehouse. He informs Mahesh about Rahi’s condition and that one of Kara’s notes is missing. Mahesh informs Karen that Rahi is probably in Kara’s room. Meanwhile, Rahi saw a photo of Kara’s childhood showing the same birthday and cried with joy at being named Kara.

Written by Abdullah Bhatti

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