Sasural Simar Ka Season 2 10th January 2023 Written Update: The Oswals seek pure spirits for Vivaan and Simar.

The episode begins with Dubroo approaching Vivaan and Simar and inquiring as to what happened to Google and Boogle. He motions for them to rise. They stand up and say they have no idea how they fell asleep. Dubroo inquires about Simar and Vivaan. Is Vivaan saying anything about what we could do? Dubroo says I know that you have done this and you will get punished for this. He threatens to slash his hand and places the knife on Vivaan’s hand. Simar replies no, asks Dubroo ji what he will obtain by severing his hand, and tells him to think about it. Dubroo ponders.

Simar claims that if you chop your hands, you will suffer a financial loss. She claims that we have become your slaves, that we must live and die here, and that we do not know where we will go from here. She says they can ask them to clean the house or prepare dinner. They ask whether they can make milkshakes, hamburgers, and other foods. Simar confirms that she can produce anything. Dubroo expresses an interest in gajar ka halwa and inquires as to where they would obtain the components. Simar claims that they will obtain it from the jungle. Dubroo has stated that he will not let them leave. Simar suggests that you send Google and Boogle with us.

According to Google, we will never betray the boss. Dubroo orders them to prepare all of the meals in two hours or face punishment. Baba informs Reema that the map depicts Dubroo’s residence. He insists on doing a Vidhi. He informs them that they would need the assistance of some spirits to connect with that planet. Chitra inquires if there is another option. No, says Baba. Reema instructs him to begin. Baba says he will call the souls, and either good or bad souls can come. He claims that if black smoke comes out of the bottle, an evil soul will follow, and if white smoke comes out, a good soul will follow.

He asks if you’re prepared. Aarav and Reema claim to be prepared. Badimaa says we’re all behind you. Gajendra informs Simar and Vivaan that they can do anything for them. Giriraj says the same thing. Baba claims that their family togetherness will aid him in calling the soul fast. He requests that Reema and Aarav keep their hands on his hands. They form a circle with their hands touching.

Reema begins to feel hopeful. The temple bell goes off. Pure spirits reflect light in a mirror. Everyone’s hands are on their eyes until they glimpse the joker’s room. What is this, Aarav and Reema wonder? Dubroo, according to Baba, has taken them to their home. He dials the number dubroo. They notice Dubroo. Badimaa claims to have seen us. Baba claims that we can see him, but he cannot see us. Dubroo, where are Vivaan and Simar? exclaims Aarav. Simar falls and notices the falling leaves. She requests that Vivaan pick it up. Vivaan takes the leaves and places them in his pocket. Baba requests that the pure souls show them Vivaan and Simar. They are delighted to see them.

Everyone tries to make contact with Simar and Vivaan. Baba claims they are unable to hear us. Simar, says Aarav. Simar detects Aarav and addresses him as Aarav ji. Is Vivaan curious about what happened? Simar claims that he can sense Aarav ji’s presence near him. Aarav touches the mirror and says you can’t be alone until I am alive. He swears he’ll bring you back from that realm.

Precap: Aarav calls out Simar. Simar has a crush on Aarav. The enchanted mirror catches fire. Simar and Aarav can see each other. Reema leads Simar through the area in search of the keys to the mystical mirror. Simar discovers it.

Written by Abdullah Bhatti

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