Sasural Simar Ka Season 2 11th January 2023 Written Update: Vivaan becomes the new CEO of Oswal group.

The episode begins, and Giriraj and Chitra return home and apologize to Badi Maa. It gives access to Badi Maa. They entered and apologized to Badi Maa. Giriraj blackmails Badi Maa with sympathy, asking her to forgive Chitra for being lonely without Vivaan. He asked for a moment. Badi Maa says she will give them a chance, but what if they do these things? Giriraj assures them that they will not do anything wrong. Chitra thinks your heart is big. Giriraj apologizes and puts his hand on her leg. Chitra also put her hand on his leg. Badi Maa took Giriraj’s hand and left.

Giriraj hugged Gajendra. Gajendra welcomed back. Chitra wanted to hug Sandhya but the latter stopped her. Good luck mom, says Reema, I know it will be easy for you. Chitra says we will concentrate on tomorrow. Someone knocked on the door. Avinash opened the door to find Arav and Simar standing there. He returns and confronts Gagan. Simar entered with Arav. Indu said that she did not know the newly married girl. Simar asks don’t say this, you can beat me and punish me, but don’t say this, I am your daughter. Gagan says if your son-in-law and wife come for pag a rasam, you treat them badly.

Where did you get my property, Vivaan asked Abdi. He entered Arav’s room. Badi Maa told to hang Vivaan’s clothes in the cupboard. According to Vivaan, this is Arav Bhai’s room. Badi Maa claims that it used to belong to Araw, but now it belongs to you. Vivaan goes back to his room and asks him to keep things. He says that Arav is his brother and he can’t change anything. Badi maa says ok, I will not change your room and promises to do whatever you want. I remember, replied Vivaan. Badi Maa says she needs your help like your parents.

Chitra was present with Giriraj and others. Vivaan hugs Chitra. Chitra says we came for you as this is a terrible time and you need mom and dad now. Giriraj asked the elders to obey. Badi Maa told me that one law of life is that my world changes quickly. He said I used to fight alone even though my shoulder was swollen. He said he wanted my family’s support and wanted us all to act together. Vivaan says he will do whatever you say.

Badi maa, Oswal introduced as the new CEO of Oswal Production Group Vivaan Oswal. Reema smiled and held her happiness. He believes that this is more important than the key Vivaan will not refuse. Arav and Simar console each other. Simar admits that my current place is Oswal Palace and I will smile and enjoy everything. Araw understands that you understand what you are saying because it is difficult to understand. Simar made a terrible mistake, so we have to work hard to beat them; He added that he would try until he made the house clean.

Precap: Araw and Simar arrive at Oswal Palace. The security guard stopped them. Arav admitted that he didn’t need anyone’s permission to enter my house. The security guard pushed him to the ground.

Written by Abdullah Bhatti

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