Sasural Simar Ka Season 2 12th January 2023 Written Update: Vivaan transforms into a Devil.

As the episode starts, with Arav asks Simar, “Please tell me once.” Are you right here? – he asked Simar. Arav informs Badimaa that Simar can hear him. Aaraw’s calls to Simar and Simar went unanswered, Badimaan said. Simar admits that she can hear you but can’t see you. Reema informs Simara that the room is the key to the mystical mirror. Both Arav and Simar continued to cling to the glass and their hands.

Arav and Reema are instructed by Baba to call the soul back. They open the door and invite the spirits. The bottle emits white smoke and the glass reflects light. Simar appeared to them. Simar admits that she can’t see you and can only hear you. Dewar Ji says Simar; I will call him. Reema admitted that she didn’t have time but asked Simar to listen first. The key admits that it is a hole and asks him to check the glass.

“I can’t see,” said Simar. Reema states that to enter her world, you need to find the key kept in the box on the almirah behind you and insert the key. Simar was asked to check behind the mirror. He was told by Badimaa to sing Jai Maa Durga. Jai Maa Durga says Simar while moving the mirror. A keyhole has been found. He looked everywhere but couldn’t find his key. Dubro wakes up and decides he needs to teach a lesson. Reema tells Simara that she has Almira’s key. He found a locked box.

Arav instructs him to find a way to open the lock. Simar suddenly saw Dubro approaching. The whole family saw Dubro approaching Simar. Vivaan pushes forward to reach Dubron. He beat. Arav asks Vivaan to hit him. Dubro asked, “Where did the sound come from?” Seeing Vivaan made Reema, Chitra, and others cry. Simar asked Reema to open the box. Dubrow, your family’s voice is here. He breaks the lock and says he will not hurt anyone.

The waiter delivered the soup. Dubro insisted on eating this soup. He asks Simar, what is in this soup? Dubro admits that you ask about us and if you drink the devil’s soup, you will be as bad as we are. Simar says even if we die, we will not eat him or change him into your form. Dubro started a bonfire around Simar and said he would burn himself after it was over. Vivaan asks him to drink his soup. Vivaan is ready to drink this soup but Bhabhi please go. According to him, I am ready to be a slave for the rest of my life.

Simar insists that you will not eat this soup. According to Vivaan, I can’t help you. Simar admits that they cheated you. According to Vivaan, I should because you stated it is the best wall. Dubro advised Vivaan to leave quickly. Vivaan accepts this and downplays it. He became hostile and his eyes turned green. Dewar ji says, Simar. This represents anger.

Precap: Arav comes to Simara. As Araw holds Dubro, Simar stabs him. They returned to Oswal’s palace. Holi is celebrated by family.

Written by Abdullah Bhatti

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