Sasural Simar Ka Season 2 13th January 2023 Written Update: Vivaan shocks everyone.

The episode starts, and Vivaan asks Badi Maa to always trust him. He is blessed by Badi Maa. Vivaan hugged her. The security guard came and informed us that a man named Araw went to the gate with his wife and fought us to enter, claiming to be the grandson of the Oswal family. Badi Maa claims that I have only a grandson and Arav and his dangerous singer wife have arrived. Vivaan says I will take care of it and leaves. They refused, and the guard reported when he appeared. Arav is angry. Vivaan shows there.

Dewar ji says, Simar. Arav confronts Vivaan. Vivaan looked out the window and addressed his family. Badi Maa is out of bail. Vivaan asks the guard to open the gate. It was opened by the porter. The doors were blocked when Araw and Simar approached. Vivaan asked the guard to open the door. The guard reports that Arav’s name is not on the list, which Vivaan then tells them. After that, he informs himself about Simar and his marriage. “What did you say?” Vivaan said in a cheerful tone. he asked. Dewar ji, Simar answered yes. Vivaan is happy. Simar claims we came to correct our old age.

According to Vivaan, the big mistake was made by me, not you. He touched Arav’s feet and sat scaring Badi Maa. He apologizes and says “Bhai, I have caught your eye”. Arav ordered him to stand. Vivaan admits that I left you, betrayed me, and stopped being there when I needed you. Aarav says you should not leave me. Vivaan says don’t protect me and let me apologize to you sincerely. He then apologized before falling at Simar’s feet. Simar intervened. Badi explained Maa’s behavior. Simar says there is a special place for you.

Simar’s hand in Arav’s hand. He saw Badi Maan holding his hand. Mangalsutra on his neck looking at the sindoor in Simar’s maangun. Aditi Rays. Simar and Araw Badi prepare to bow to receive Maan’s blessing. According to Arav, it was Simar. Araw Oswal revealed that there was no betrayal this time as we had a traditional Indian wedding in front of Mata Rani. Together now. Don’t add salt to our juice, said Chitra, because we are all already spoiled. He asked her to leave.

Arav asks Vivaan not to represent him in the dispute with the elders. Simar claimed that we came to seek the grace and blessings of the elders. Arav admits that witnessing their love and blessings fills his heart. According to Badi Maan, no one has anything to do with you and everyone has broken ties with you. He asks about the relationship of his family members with Arav. No one raised their hands. He asked her to leave from there. The disease progresses in reverse.

Simar folded her hands and said, “Your words are sad.” “We hurt everyone, not just you,” he said. He says we did not take this important decision to hurt you all and that our union is only love. Reema asks Simar if there is peace to fight Aarav and Badi maa. She asks him to leave and says that everyone hates her. Simar asked him to release his hand and explained, “I understand that everyone here doesn’t like it, but it’s true today.”

Precap: Simar and Aarav grah Pravesh are done by Vivaan and Aditi at home. Badi Maa couldn’t believe it.

Written by Abdullah Bhatti

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