Sasural Simar Ka Season 2 14th January 2023 Written Update: Aarav tries to leave the Oswal mansion.

The episode starts with Simar telling her that she knows how unpopular Reema is in the office, but that’s okay sometimes. He said everyone will love me if their love and devotion is true. Simar, you are amazing, Reema exclaimed. He says that every time you make a mistake and give a long lecture, your ego is exposed. Then he says that you have left mandap with an innocent gentleman to marry someone else and before marriage, everyone including our parents, siblings etc.

He criticizes your ability. Simar insisted that she left Mandap for love, not for a beauty contest. He says he got married for the right reasons, not because of selfishness or misfortune. Reema faces Vivaan. Simar prostrated and asked to be forgiven for coming as an unwanted bride, not with jokes and threats. He admitted that since I am the owner of the house, he has more house than you.

Presented by Sasural Simar to. Aditi Rays. Simar folded her hands and told everyone present if she wanted to stand in front of them, her love for Araw etc. Before he lost, Badi Maa asked him to leave. Badi Maa says Vivaan. Asked to be calm by Badi. Vivaan: No Bhai, remember that if you both go today, I will also go with you both.

Arav says thank you but sorry. Simar asks for Arav’s permission. Arav thinks this is not true. Simar believes that it will happen and wins her heart. He then asked why he changed his position. Badi Maa thanks and wants to enter the house. He mocked her. Giriraj wonders why Airav is shy. According to Badi Maan, they will leave from here. He said he had to go inside.

Then he is of the opinion that we will develop tolerance for discrimination. He is of the opinion that if you can endure abuse for me, you can do it for your family. Mata Rani says we know and will keep us away from them until now. Vivaan says he will agree if someone helps him understand clearly. Simar admits that my importance has diminished as a result of being a woman.

“You know how much you mean to me,” Araw said. He is sure he will agree with Vivaan and Aditi. Arav agrees. Aditi and Vivaan laugh. If we enter doubt, question Simar. He nodded in agreement. Simar hugged him. Vivaan and Aditi hug them. Reema is angry.

Precap: Aditi and Vivaan opened the door of Oswal’s house. Grah Pravsh products are filled. Keeping her feet in the colored water, Simar stepped forward and pushed Kalash.

Written by Abdullah Bhatti

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