Sasural Simar Ka Season 2 5th January 2023 Written Update: Dida gets defeated.

The episode begins, Arindam brings a magic mirror and a bottle in a bag. Love and Roy Chaudhary family says. Dida added that Roy’s family is getting together or meeting. He took out a bottle and placed it on the table. Then he asks if you don’t understand that all your souls will pass through the mirror and the souls of my family will enter your body. He promised that I will see all my family members after a long time. Then he says he lost Dubro. He shouted. Dubro comes out of the closet and addresses Arindam as the boss. Arin also beat Arav. Simar asks her not to hit her and pleads in front of her. Show Dubro.

Dubro agrees and tells Arindham that everyone is lying to him and playing games with him. He admits that Simar doesn’t like you. Arindam approaches Simara and Aarav. Simar squeezes Arav’s hand and says, “I love only Arav ji” and says that he cannot be separated. Arindam says: Simar claims to be crazy. Arindam apologizes to Dida for expressing her worries and trusting Simar. Simar says you have to answer me. Dida told Sima and Sima started playing the game.

Dida admits that her destiny will be fulfilled today. He put his things in the air. Chitra and the other man both laughed. Dida suggests that they want to say goodbye to others or throw their belongings into the fire. The bottle begins to break and the spirits of family members enter the glass. Dida was shocked and surprised at what he did. He wondered why they had exchanged their property with our family members. He tries to save the spirits of all the family members and asks for Arindham’s help. Arindam tried to put out the fire. All spirits disappear inside the mirror. Dida cried, all her wishes and ideals were shattered.

Vivaan comes and reminds her that even death bows if there is family support. FB appears and Vivaan appears among the family members getting ready. Giriraj claims we are making mortar for you. According to Vivaan, it is a deadly game that can be played and won. He says we will stand behind Arav and Simar. Reema and Vivaan exchange their belongings with Dida’s family members. FB ended. Vivaan and Reema entered the room. Sasural Simar to perform… Everyone stood together.

Simar asked Dida when you will not be able to bear this pain, how can you bring the same pain to others. Dida admitted that we did not die prematurely. Simar admitted that my family is still alive. He thinks your family should be happy to be freed. Dida says you hurt Arindham’s feelings. According to Vivaan, no one can stand before us. Arav promises that we will always be together. Reema says we will die, we will not let bad things happen to each other. Simar admits that whoever is wrong has won justice.

Dida declares that she will not leave Simar and will kill him now. He breaks Simar’s statue and says that it is more like Simar’s pride. Sinar Arindam. Dida knows whether you are happy or not because she accepts your punishment. Arindam. Dida saw Simar standing. According to him, Simar should have disappeared by now. According to Simar, nothing can happen when my family and I are supported by Arav ji. He claimed that Arav jin gave me Suraksha chakra earlier. He remembers that Arav donated the van. Dida wanted to remind Arindham when Simar answered that it was family support and unity.

Precap: All Oswal family greets and hugs Badimaa.

Written by Abdullah Bhatti

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