Sasural Simar Ka Season 2 6th January 2023 Written Update: Aarav feels bad for what happened.

The episode starts with Arav asking Simar to tell him that he loves her. Simar says she likes him and Arav is everything. Without it, there is nothing. Arav, without Simar, claims that he is incomplete and that Simar completes him. Later, both decided to get married in front of Matrani’s idol. Pandit Ji prayed on the foreheads of Arav and Simar. Arav informs him that he has nothing to offer now. But, he wants to marry Simar.

Pandit Ji believed that they were made for each other and should get married on this auspicious day. Just then a girl appeared and they shook hands. Simar and Arav laughed when they saw this. Then Pandit Ji showered them with flowers. The Garland ceremony was performed by Simar and Araw. Pandit Ji asked for marriage. He forms an alliance with them and the two prepare fers.

Then both complete the wedding stage. Arav dyed Simar’s eyebrows red and dressed her in a mangalsutra. After marriage, both seek Matarani’s blessing. He also praised Matara for his help. Arav realized how deep and pure Simar’s relationship was. He said that Simar is the universe, Simar’s friend and shadow.

Then they left the temple. Arav started singing for Simar. Simar Rays. He admits that he has never been happier and that he has turned his life around. Arav advises him to study in the garden. Also, he found Simar cold. He asks if she feels cold. Simar is decreasing. Arav says he knows he is lying. She wears a scarf.

Samar, on the other hand, goes to her daughter-in-law’s house and informs her that Simar has beaten her because she left him because of Aarav. Iniamini felt sorry for him. Simar says this is not a good choice as she likes Arav. Samar then asks her why Simar lied to her. He continued that he wanted to please Simar and fulfill all his wishes, but she cheated on him. He blamed his brother Yamini. Iniamini tries to talk to him but he ignores her.

Iniami is disappointed and adds that all is fair in love and war and that this war has just begun. Now he will see that Geetanjali is dead. Arav feels terrible for Simar as he has no place to stay. Simar asked not to feel guilty. Simar reveals that all she wants is Araw. He hugs her and tells her that he is happiest when he is with her. Araw is happy.

Written by Abdullah Bhatti

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