Sasural Simar Ka Season 2 9th January 2023 Written Update: Aarav and Vivaan protects each other.

The episode begins with Simar collapsing after touching the wall. Dubro looked at him and asked, “What if you die?” He says. No one can touch Simara because she is blessed by Mata Rani, supported by her parents and the hands of her life partner. According to Dubrow, there is nothing here to give you hope. Simar asked God for help. When Vivaan arrives, he summons Simar and attacks, Dubrow and Joker. Simara says don’t worry and says now he is here, you are not alone; You and I, Simar, ask why. Vivaan says I will come to save you when you are in trouble, it is my duty, who understands better?

Reema informs him that it is a sign that Baba is still alive and asks him for help. Baba added that if we want to get there, we need to think like Dubro and need his stuff; only then we can do anything. Reema says. Simar asks Vivaan why did she come here and what will she say if something bad happens to her. According to Vivaan, I came here to save my Bhabhi. Show Dubro. The jokers claim that the Boss has arrived. Dubro says he’s the boss here and tells everyone to dance to his tune. Simar and Vivaan ask her to be left alone. Dubro admits that it is interesting to consider who kills and who saves.

Vivaan caught the joke. Simar says you will not. Dubro announced that he would die happy and asked him to start. Simar says no thanks. Vivaan was made to dance by comedians. Simar cried and asked Dubru to leave Dewar ji alone. Dubro insisted that Bhabi should dance without Dewar. Dubro says Vivaan no. I did what you said. The comics started throwing him out. Simar says don’t hit him as he is her sister’s husband and Jaan Arav jin. Dubro breaks the bottle and asks Simar to dance if she wants to keep him safe. They show him a joker nose and a knife. Bhabhi says Vivaan is not. Apply it to the bridge of the nose. Vivaan cried. Simar danced on the broken glass.

Reema and Arav search for anything related to Dubroo but come up empty. Reema explains how we will get Simar and Vivaan back. Dubro followed Simar and held her hand. He trip and fall. Vivaan asks how are you? Reema is worried that the demon will harm Vivaan and Simar. Dubroo hits Vivaan. Vivaan passed by. He said he wouldn’t take water or eat until I let him Google and Boggle. Vivaan asks for water when he faints. Simar checked the water pot but did not find it. Google and Boogle take the water and dump it on the ground. Simar asks to give water or else he will die.

Arav examines the bag and states that he has never felt so weak in his life. When he hit the wooden cabinet, books flew out of it. There Reema and Arav find the map. Simar adds that we can’t accept defeat and you have to go back to Reema’s brother with Badimaa. Simar asked Mata Rani to help her. Check his yellow hammer. He slipped his shoe into the floor and stepped forward, causing droplets of water to form in his mouth. Vivaan is happy. Simar says you jump the page without thinking. Vivaan says that he came because he was thinking of his beloved Bhabhi. Every woman dreams of sasura like Simar. Sasural according to Vivaan.

. Simar says we have to go back home. According to Vivaan, there is a jungle outside and it is hell. Simar says we should stay alive as Arav ji will come to save us. Vivaan decides when and what we drink from the discarded water. He saw dry leaves on his shoes and said he never thought about the effects of hunger. He gave Simara half of the leaf and asked her to eat it too. They were about to eat him when the Joker’s glasses and goggles appeared, took dry leaves from his hands, and swallowed them. They fall and fall. Simar asked where you got this from. According to Vivaan, he stuck to my position.

Written by Abdullah Bhatti

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