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Sasural Simar ka 2 16th February 2023 Written Update: Aarav cheers up Simar

The episode starts with the Oswaal family members discussing the party. Aditi suggests Gagan consider the suggestions from Reema, who has excellent taste. Aditi rashes over to Reema for some jewelry advice. Aditi inadvertently removes her Raksha Kobach from her hand. Tara becomes uneasy when she notices Aditi entering Reema’s room. Even avoiding the words of Aarav, Tara runs to their room of Reema.

Simar takes the same path. Aditi notices Reema dancing with her own eyeball, and she feels her nerves shivering in horror. Reema continues to play with her, and then Tara and Simar appear. Yet Simar notices nothing out of the ordinary except Aditi’s behavior. When she asks Aditi, she is thrilled with excitement about the upcoming celebration. Simar, on the other hand, is perplexed by their entire behavior. Tara, on the other hand, is hopeful that she will meet her love Aarav on Valentine’s Day.

Simar leaves the room, believing that something terrible is going on. Tara imprisons the spirits of Reema and Aditi in two soil pots. She adds two more churels to take their bodies. She decides to exile the entire Oswal family to the Land of Evil. She gets irked when Charulata knocks her down again. The other two churels then tell her to finish Charulata. Tara then decides to murder the Brahmin to clear the way to the red door.

Simar walks to Brahmin’s cottage to seek some advice. Samar tells all the spooky incidents to Brahmin and she is asked to be conscious of the upcoming dangers while Brahmin warns Simar about the witches’ bad behavior, which makes him frightened. Simar informs Brahmin of all the weird incidents, and she is warned of the impending dangers. Aditi’s left raksha Kobach is fired up by Tara, Reema, and Aditi.

They make fun of the flaws of the family members. They then start dancing in an unusual style. Simar enters their room and finds red rose petals covered over the floor. The room has been elegantly lighted and decorated. Aarav comes there and drags Simar closer to him. Simar falls in his embrace. They have a dance. Aarav talks romantically and says happy Valentine’s day my love. He kisses her forehead. Simar feels shy and thanks him for the arrangements.

Aarav hand over her a gift. Simar asks if she can check it now. Aarav nods his head in approval. Simar checks and says they are diamond bangles, but it must be costly to which Aarav says she is the precious diamond and deserves the best. He questions Simar if she doesn’t like it. Simar says Reema and Aditi are behaving strangely and tells that her doubt is increasing about Tara, as she came with some intention.

Aarav cheers her up saying nothing can go wrong as they’re a team Sirav. He further helps Simar to wear the diamond bangles, but mistakenly Simar also takes off her Raksha Kobach. Tara comes there in her avatar and smirks seeing them. She speaks that Aarav will spend her Valentine’s with her and not with Simar.
Episode ends.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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