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Sasural Simar ka 2 17th February 2023 Written Update: Simar learns Tara’s truth

The episode starts with the love being envious of Tara. She gets envious as she observes Aarav and Simar’s wonderful relationship. She also overhears the confidential chat regarding the Raksha Kobach and Brahmin’s remedy. Simar failed to see her Raksha Kobach had collapsed. When Tara tries to light the Raksha Kobach, Aarav grabs it and hands it to Simar. Simar is relieved and asks Aarav not to remove the tab. Tara storms out of the room, offended.

Simar checks to see if everyone has kept their tabij the next morning. Badima, Chitra, Sandhya, and Gajendra all have tabij on their bodies. Simar, on the other hand, sees no tabij in Reema and Aditi’s bodies. Gagan and Riyansh arrange a Valentine’s Day party. Gagan gives a lovely love speech. She approaches Aditi and asks for her hand in marriage, but both Aditi and Reema are uninterested.

When Reema is asked to join them, they both start dancing in a disorderly manner, which raises Simar’s suspicions. Simar is instructed by Geetanjali devi to focus on delight rather than tension. She attempts to persuade Simar. Reema insults Vivaan as he stops her, and Tara tells her to behave normally before they resume dancing. Tara is angered by their lack of self-control. Tara notices Aarav approaching and uses magic to exacerbate his suffering.

Then she hurries over to Aarav to comfort him. Badima reminds out that Riyansh has been isolated and has been left among these couples. Yet, she prays to God for his health. Simar becomes aware that Aarav is not present. Again, she tries to attract him by soothing his agony. She magically captures Aarav’s attention and begs him to be her valentine. Simar appears unexpectedly in the midst of Tara’s romance.

Aarav regains his consciousness as Simar grips the mangal sutra. Aarav regains his calm and becomes offended by her seductive and tempting demeanor. Tara is perplexed as to why Aarav isn’t charmed by her seductive enchantment. She apologizes and exits the room. Then Simar and Aarav close their eyes and hug. Tara feels disgusted and begins to throw items around her. Aditi and Reema mock her defeat, which fuels her rage even more.

Tara, on the other hand, convinces herself that she would undoubtedly win over Aarav. She further says Aarav was trapped, but Simar saved him. She claims that after tonight’s party, everything will be changed and nobody will know what happened to them. She says she is a witch, which ends everything when she gets stuck with someone. Simar comes there out of nowhere and hears Tara, and sees her in her chudail look.

She inquires Tara about her look and asks who’s she. She confronts Tara about her original creepy activities as a witch. She finds it hard to trust her own eyes. Tara shows the initial transformation of Aditi and Reema when Simar questions what she has done with them. Simar questions Tara about what she wants to which Tara speaks Aarav Oswal.

Simar gets stunned and holds her nuptial chain. She utters that this is not possible, that they cannot harm her family while Tara gets determines to destroy the entire family. They laugh. Simar shouts and closes her eyes. She sees Tara, Aditi, and Reema standing. Simar shrieks in terror, and the three witches come running. Simar further decides to act wisely. Tara is given a mask to wear to the party and is asked to participate in the game.
Episode Ends.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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