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Sasural Simar Ka 2 18th February 2023 Written Update: Aarav and Simar’s plan work

The episode begins with Simar’s conversation with Tara, in which she tells Tara that they can hide anything they can under the mask but the truth will be exposed in the end. She further offers them three musks for party preparation. Simar becomes worried as she finds some distinct evidence of a witch in Tara’s leg. She gets confirmed that Tara is a witch but she says nothing to them and remains calm.

She walks away. Tara tells the two other witches that by the time the party ends, Aarav will be mine to which the witches ask Tara to kill Simar, but Tara has other intentions. Simar immediately calls the Brahmin and informs him of everything. She is instructed to listen to everything he says. Suddenly, a large giant bird enters Simar’s room, indicating an alarming sign. Badimaa and others welcome the guests to the valentine day’s party.

Chitra says children have come. The Oswaal family has made a beautiful arrangement for a royal Valentine’s party. Aarav, Vivaan, Gagan Riyansh, and all the females enter the ground hall in snappy fashionable clothing. Simar finally comes down, dressed in a stunning gown. Aarav kisses her palm, and Tara hops the wall, watching Aarav and Simar’s romance. Vivaan emphasizes the importance of the party in his inauguration speech.

Simar says that the party will be confronted with a challenge. Everyone is eager since they get to know that every pair has to find their companion. Simar says today is the test of real love and the fake love will be exposed. She asks to start the game while Chitra and Sandhya also take part in the game of finding a partner. When Vivaan starts dancing with Reema, she no longer dances with him and hides among the others.

Tara approaches Aarav, and he acknowledges Simar’s signal. They both intended to keep her busy. So when Tara uses her powers to charm Aarav again, Simar wishes him success because they were both awaiting this time. Simar leaves the party venue. Simar also keeps Reema and Aditi occupied with their partner so that no one will question her or interfere with her purpose. Brahmin uses his knowledge to see everything and instructs Simar to search Tara’s room quickly.

Aarav and Tara dance together. Tara holds everything in this opportunity, as Simar mentioned. Simar opens her almirah and takes a suitcase from it. She sees a sparkling golden box and thinks about why it is not opening. She hits it on the ground and opens it and finds lots of mangal sutra and rings that Tara gathered while killing her victim men. Simar wonders if Tara has been aging herself to kill the males. Nevertheless, Simar falls to the ground and discovers something even more terrible. A witch’s hand is coming towards her and holding her hand. Simar requests the hand to leave her but the hands hold her throat so tightly that she struggles to breathe. Simar screams for help.
Episode Ends.

Precap: Simar hugs Aarav, showing her affection, while Tara is jealous of their intimacy.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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