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Sasural Simar Ka 2 20th February 2023 Written Update: Aarav is no longer alive

The episode begins with a tantrum in the Oswaal household. As Aarav rejects Tara, she is deeply upset and screams in rage. The weather turns foul and ferocious. Vivaan requests other guests to leave a place as the surroundings worsen. Tara refuses to accept defeat. Aarav inquires Tara about the meaning of original love. He chastises and abuses Tara, attempting to open her eyes. Simar also attempts to rip her mask.

She smears the previous mangalsutras all over her face. Tara has been defeated, as Charulata and Masumi realize. Aarav and Simar had a long discourse about their true love. Simar belittles her authority while Tara shouts saying that she has never been defeated and will never lose. Arav speaks out that she must lose because true love will win. Simar believes that when love is tested, true love appears. Aarav inquires Tara about the meaning of true love.

He chastises and humiliates Tara. He continues to attempt to open her eyes while Simar tries to rip her mask. She throws the previous mangalsutras all over her face. Charulata and Masumi understand that Tara has been defeated. Aarav says to Tara that true love happens with a true heart and not with any intention. He says it’s not love if you try to get someone by cheat, which you tried to do with him.

Simar calls Tara’s love selfish. Tara becomes increasingly cruel and angry, and the weather worsens. Tara then floats in the air and begins a terrifying chuckle. She declares firmly that she will never leave this place or Aarav. She is not going to go away and damage things on her own. Tara depicts Reema and Aditi, who are both witches. Tara disappears from them both, just to reappear with a horrible appearance. All of the Oswaal members feel perplexed and tense when they see them in a stunning pose.

Both Reema and Aditi have been instructed to cause harm to others. They both grab Vivaan and Giriraj’s throats to take their breaths. Tara is asked to leave the household by Simar. Tara abandons them, but she threatens Simar. Simar is unaware of Aditi and Reema’s circumstances. Tara pulls a random boy who loses his own life to show her power. Badima and her household members are furious and distressed as they witness his death.

Aditi and Reema rejoice over the death. Aditi and Reema both drink the blood from the boy, and Badima can’t believe her eyes. Simar and Aarav both ask Tara to forgive their families. Tara, on the other hand, is enraged because they roasted her goose. Simar, while holding Aarav’s hand, challenges Tara to a fight with her love. Tara attempts to prove her voice with a very loud voice.

Then she throws an ominous bat at them. Simar proclaims her love in this chaotic situation. Simar continues to highlight their love’s purity. Tara and Simar are still at odds with one another. Tara adds she will show her level now to show her position and strength. Reema and Aditi both lose their senses. Then, hiding from Tara, Vivaan destroys the soil pots, and Reema and Aditi reclaim control of their lives. Tara stabs his chest with her long claws. Aarav is still bleeding. His injury becomes so severe and deep that he loses consciousness. Tara flies in the form of a bat. Everyone becomes uptight and cautious when it comes to Aarav.
Episode Ends.

Precap: Chitra urges Simar to stop wearing red because Aarav has died, Simar tells her Oswal family that she will return Aarav and then jumps from the roof.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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