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Sasural Simar ka 2 21st February 2023 Written Update: Simar refuses to accept Aarav’s death

The episode begins with a tragic incident in the Oswaal family. Every member of the Oswaals attempts to recover the sense of Aarav. His parents cry their hearts out while Chitra asserted that Tara killed Aarav while taking away his spirit. Vivaan feels his body has shattered. Simar refuses to accept the reality and attempts to control their emotions. She is still hopeful that he may awaken after some time. Simar goes on to ask Vivaan and Riyansh to call for an ambulance.

Riyansh immediately consults their family doctor. Giriraj requests Riyansh to bring him a blanket as his body temperature is decreasing. The doctor finally arrives and is asked to examine Aarav quickly. The doctor declares “he is no longer” after a thorough analysis. The news has crushed Badima and Sandhya. The entire family sobs as they hear the doctor’s remarks. Sandhya mourns her son’s death. Giriraj and Gajendra are grieving over Aarav.

Everyone remembers Aarav. Sandhya loses her mind. This terrible calamity causes Badima to also lose consciousness. Giriraj and Gajendra come to her help. Simar looks at them blankly, refusing to acknowledge the fact. Badima eventually regains consciousness and seeks to realize the scale of their devastation. She screams and decides not to eat or drink anything till Aarav regains consciousness.

The group’s other members, however, want her to speak the truth. Simar then opens up her mouth and talks without considering. She continues to converse with Aarav. She believes he will regain consciousness. She is tired from her constant whispering with Aarav. She tried for a very long time to rouse him from unconsciousness, but her attempts were ineffective. Simar places her hand against Aarav’s chest and cries out his name. When she screams his name, Aarav hears it in heaven.

He also continues to call her. Simar repeatedly rings the maharani bell. Aarav, exhausted, cries out Simar’s name. Simar hears Aarav’s voice when he continues to shout his name. She becomes conscious of his presence once more. Sandhya breaks down in tears over Aarav’s death. Reema and Gajendra keep her afloat. Chitra reveals that Aarav has died. Simar is asked to accept the news, but she flatly refuses. Sandhya feels Simar as they both suffered the same thing.

Simar tries to convinc her that Aarav is still life, even though not present in this world. She stresses that Aarav will take her life’s control. Tara goes back to her own world. Other witches admire and appreciate Tara. Tara cracks the dirt pots after hearing the other witches’ prayers for their release, and they return. She gets mocked by the witches who say that once she gets freedom, she cannot achieve Aarav which angers her. Tara grows increasingly agitated by them She further brings some flowers back to Aarav and claims that he will be her while Aarav keeps repeating the name, Simar.
Episode Ends.

Precap: Chitra urges Simar to avoid wearing red because Aarav has died. Simar informs the Oswal’s family she is going to return to Aarav and then falls from the roof.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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