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Udaariyan 10th February 2023 Written Update: Nehmat manages to escape from Kapoor House

The episode starts with Ekam noticing a basement inside the Kapoor home. He questions Shamsher about why he didn’t tell him their house had a basement. Ekam wonders how to get to the basement. Because Shamsher does not answer, Ekam decides to find it on his own. He and his police crew return to the residence. Shamsher and Rama are concerned about being found out. Ekam and his police officers enter the basement.

Shamsher and Rama also arrive. To their amazement, Nehmat and Advait are not present. Ekam searches the basement in every corner and crevice for Nehmat. Advait has been seen hiding and keeping a watch on Ekam, who is completely oblivious to his presence. Advait tries to silence Nehmat by dosing her with a tranquilizer and hiding her in memory. Ekam gets close to where Nehmat is hiding, but he doesn’t see her. Shamsher catches a glimpse of Nehmat in the mirror.

He diverts Ekam’s attention away from that side. He threatens Ekam with suspension if his party wins the election. Ekam promises he will find Nehmat before then. He claims Shamsher is hiding something and vows to find out what it is. Naaz phones Satti and complains about Ekam paying a visit to her in-laws and turning the house upside down in search of Nehmat, which disturbs the in-laws. Rupy is aware of this. Advait threatens Nehmat with death if she does not cooperate.

Nehmat considers leaving there in some way. Harleen starts a video chat with Jasmine. Renuka speaks with Jasmine about Harleen and Ekam’s alliance. Renuka is mocked by Jasmine’s assertion that she has received marriage proposals from elites for Harleen. The latter picks up the phone and hangs up, saying to Jasmine she would call her later. Renuka asks Harleen if Jasmine is against her and Ekam’s alliance. Harleen assures Renuka that she will convince Jasmine.

Ekam is perplexed as to why Advait and Nehmat aren’t in Kapoor’s house, despite the fact that Advait’s phone location indicates that he is. Rupy arrives on time. He confronts Ekam about the forced search for Nehmat at Kapoor’s residence. He tells Ekam not to worry about Nehmat anymore because she is now married. He claims Nehmat is trying to save her marriage, but his actions are undermining her efforts. For Nehmat’s sake, he begs Ekam to forget about her.

Ekam recalls Advait’s misbehavior with Nehmat. Ekam assures Rupy that he is doing all possible to keep Nehmat safe. Rupy grows upset and demands that Ekam leave Nehmat to handle the situation. Rupy grows upset and asks Ekam to leave Nehmat alone. He adds that Shamsher could become upset with Ekam and take action against him, something he does not want to happen.

Renuka is aware of this. Renuka smacks Ekam and tells him off for peering inside Nehmat’s in-laws’ house. When Mallika learns this, she is taken aback. Mallika chastises Ekam and asks whether he has a search warrant. Ekam maintains that he does not need it to locate Nehmat. Advait is awaiting Shamsher’s departure from the residence. After Shamsher has left, Advait demands the nurse give Nehmat another shot.

The nurse warns that it could put her life in danger. Advait asserts that he is unconcerned about it. Rama appears and corrects Advait. The latter becomes determined to leave because living there is driving him nuts. According to Rama, Shamsher will be furious if he finds out. Shamsher has just left, according to Advait. He pledges to return once his thoughts are clear. Rama wants that to be treated in this location till he returns. Advait covers his face as he prepares to leave.

In the meantime, Nehmat becomes aware. She assaults the nurse and then flees. Rama hears a disturbance and walks downstairs to investigate. When Nehmat hears Rama, he pretends to be unconscious. Rama hears the sound of running water in the restroom. She thinks the nurse is there. She asks that the nurse make no noise. She turns and goes away. Nehmat escapes the basement by the window.

She flees when she sees Advait. Advait exits the car without seeking Nehmat. Advait is relieved to be out of the house and breathing fresh air. Nehmat thinks about exposing Advait once he’s out of there.
Episode ends.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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