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Udaariyan 11th February 2023 Written Update: Jaahan rescues Nehmat

The episode starts with Advait lamenting as he drives the car. He regrets his affair with Mallika. He vows to teach Ekam and Mallika a lesson after he wins the election. He intends to kill Nehmat if she causes any trouble whereas Nehmat is hiding in the backseat of Advait’s automobile. She pleads with God to save her. In contrast, Harleen walks to the police station to meet Ekam. Ekam remembers Renuka requesting him to marry Harleen.

He says that Harleen shouldn’t come there. Harleen responds that she would like to meet him for coffee. She offers him a cup of coffee. She queries Ekam on Nehmat’s whereabouts. Ekam responds negatively. Advait becomes anxious as he notices a God’s procession heading from the opposite way. He had to pull over and cover his face. Nehmat uses the circumstance to his advantage and escapes the truck. She collapses by the roadside and asks God for help.

A garland falls from the sky and rests on her hand. Advait gets a strange feeling and walks down to check the trunk of the car. Ekam is there preparing his force to catch a criminal in the bush. She requests Harleen to notify Renuka that he is well. Harleen prays to God that Ekam locates Nehmat soon so that he can sleep assured. Advait is surprised to discover his car trunk open. He calls the nurse to see if Nehmat is at home.

Advait returns home to see whether everything is okay because the nurse isn’t answering the phone. After a while, Advait arrives home and is surprised to find the nurse unconscious instead of Nehmat. He is aware that Nehmat has escaped and has since been hiding in the trunk of his automobile. He phones Shamsher and informs him of the circumstances. Shamsher is surprised by this. Advait gets chastised by him. He says he’ll be home soon.

Advait realizes Nehmat might come out of his car as the crowd approaches his location. Shamsher humiliates Advait for letting Nehmat getaway. He restrained Advait from searching for Nehmat as he told everyone that Advait and Nehmat had left town. Advait concurs. Ekam and his team make their way into the jungle. Ekam apprehends a narcotics dealer. Nehmat struggles to reach Ekam, but she collapses.

Ekam engages in a fight with the drug dealer. He places him under arrest. He gets a strange feeling and looks over to the side where Nehmat is unconscious. But he fails to notice Nehmat. He and his police force drove away. Ekam faces the mob on his journey. He gives them money in exchange for praying for someone close to him. He receives a garland in exchange. In the bush, Ekam notices the same garland.

He decides to go back into the jungle. The goon pretends to be on the hunt for something that has gone missing. The man tells Shayari. He encourages them to come back the next morning to look for it. The thugs run away. Nehmat screams out for help. The man helps Nehmat and gives her some water. Nehmat is startled to see him and says, dad. He claims she is confusing him with someone else. Jahaan is his name, and he introduces himself.

Nehmat claims he resembles her father. Jahaan believes he is a clone of her father produced by God. He wonders why the goons were seeking her and what the issue is. Nehmat claims that her life is not sufficient to keep her. Jahan claims to have no idea what her issue is, yet she may be feeling worthless and weak. He inspires her to be courageous and never give up on life. Meanwhile, Ekam is on his way to the woods. He hopes the garland will take him to Nehmat.

He requests God to do the same. Nehmat informs Jahaan that God has sent him to save her as an angel. He, she claims, makes her feel like a close friend. Jahan extends a glass of water to him. Ekam arrives at the location. He is surprised to see Nehmat. Nehmat, he shouts. Jahan approaches Nehmat and inquires as to whether she recognizes him.

Ekam believes the latter. Ekam sprints over to Nehmat. Seeing Nehmat’s state, he is concerned for her. Jahaan walks away. Ekam turns to say thank you, but he’s already gone. Nehmat cries and begs Ekam to take her to Rupy. Ekam comforts Nehmat with an embrace. He assures her that nothing will happen to her. He lifts her in his arms and walks away.
Episode Ends.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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