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Udaariyan 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Nehmat exposes Advait to Sandhus

The episode starts with Shamsher ordering his men to find Nehmat at any cost over the phone. Advait tells Shamsher that they gave Nehmat a heavy sedative so she wouldn’t have walked a long distance. Rama believes Nehmat fainted somewhere along the road. Shamsher says Nehmat can travel to either Ekam’s or her grandparents’ house. He claims to know what to do now. Sandhus are taken aback when someone knocks on their door late at night.

Sandhus opens the door and is astonished to see Naaz and Nikhil inside. Rupy inquires as to their purpose for being here. Naaz inquires Rupy about their well-being. Meanwhile, Ekam and Nehmat arrive at Sandhus’ house. He notices Kapoor’s car parked in front of the Sandhus residence. He notices the Kapoors have arrived at the Sandhus home in search of Nehmat. He chooses to wait till they leave. Naaz informs Rupy that Rama had a dream about Sandhus and requests that they go check on them.

Rupy reassures them that everything will be fine. Nikhil and Naaz are leaving. Ekam watches Naaz and Nikhil drive away from a distance. He is certain that they would have come looking for Nehmat. Swaroop chastises Ekam and accuses him of damaging Nehmat’s life. Ekam admits that the Kapoors are to blame for Nehmat’s situation. Sandhus is taken aback by this news. Ekam inquires as to why Naaz and Nikhil have arrived.

Satti tells that Rama had a nightmare concerning them and that they must come to see if they are okay. Ekam says that it is a lie. They continue to lie to conceal their lies. He claims that they have come to see if Nehmat has arrived. He requests that the Sandhus contact the Kapoors and inform them that Nehmat is alive despite their attempts to kill her, which shocks the family. Satti sobs and begs Nehmat to help her open her eyes.

Rupy is about to dial the doctor’s number. Nehmat awakens and takes control. Satti cries as she hugs Nehmat. Swaroop instructs Rupy to contact the Kapoors and inquire as to what transpired. Nehmat becomes terrified and requests that the Kapoors not be called. She refuses to return to them and threatens to kill them. Nehmat sobs and passes out. The news has taken the family by surprise.

Ekam declares that he will not allow anything to happen to Nehmat. He tells Rupy that she needs his affection right now and urges him to look after her. He adds that whenever she regains consciousness, she will tell him what happened. Shamsher informs the family that he has planned a news conference and that Advait would be speaking to the press. Nikhil inquires if Nehmat has also returned with Advait.

Advait enters and says she will return later because her treatment is going well. They all leave to attend the news conference. Something is fishy, Neeru warns Naaz. Satti asks Nehmat how Advait can kidnap her since he is her husband. Ekam believes Advait is capable. Rupy begs Nehmat to explain what happened. Nehmat claims she went to the farm home to meet Advait, but he was with another girl.

Ekam inquires as to the identity of the female. Nehmat refuses to reveal who it was. Ekam informs Nehmat that he spotted Advait earlier with another girl. Satti interrogates Nehmat about why she suppressed it from them. Nehmat claims she planned to notify them, but Advait repented and pleaded for another opportunity. She believes that she anticipated Advait to change, but Advait is unchangeable. She claims that Advait assaulted her in the farmhouse after she demanded a divorce from him to save his image.

He reports that their fight set fire to the farmhouse. Advait, she claims, kidnapped her from the hospital, imprisoned her in the Kapoors’ basement, and even tried to kill her. Satti claims that Nehmat suffered a miscarriage as a result of her ordeal. Nehmat reveals to Sandhus that she is not pregnant and that it was a lie perpetrated by them, which astounds Sandhus and Ekam.
Episode Ends.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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