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Udaariyan 14th February 2023 Written Update: Nehmat demands divorce from Advait

The episode starts with Shamsher stating that while Bunty and his men are searching for Nehmat, we must convince the media that you abandoned our ailing wife to help the people. Ekam says it’s partly your fault, Nehmat; why did you back them in their deception? Rupy claims that he will not abandon them. No, replies Nehmat, it’s my fight, and I’ll fight it. Ekam inquires, “Why don’t we all care about you?” Leave this to me now.

She says you’ve already done a lot for me, and I’m not sure how I’ll repay you, but just don’t make my fight yours, or I’ll lose, and I won’t be able to prove my loyalty. Rupy asks how you intend to combat them, stressing that they are dangerous. She believes she has grown strong and tolerated a lot, and that they can buy cops but not much else. The reporters question Advait about Nehmat. Advait deceives them to get their sympathy. Nehmat is accompanied by members of her family.

She believes I’m in good enough shape to miss this press conference. Advait and Shamsher are both worried. Shamsher wonders how we can stop them; I don’t trust her motives; she will tell the truth, that this happened as a result of your son. Rupy recalls Shamsher’s lies. Nehmat makes fun of Advait. She sits down. Advait feels concerned and takes a seat. You don’t seem well, according to the reporter, but you came here.

Yes, Nehmat continues, I had to come to communicate something only Shamsher, Rama, and Advait are aware of. Advait clasps hers in his. Neeru believes she got into this situation because she craves media attention. Naaz notices. Nehmat notices you sweating; he says nothing; wipe it. She adds truth will be conveyed here, I want to inform you everyone that my family and Advait took considerable care of me. Advait, Shamsher, and Rama are stunned.

Nehmat furtherthinks that Advait drug put he to sleep, and he himself remained awake. Nehmat remembers everything at home. Advait receives the divorce papers from her. Advait seeks divorce documents. Naaz and Nikhil are watching. Shamsher said you complimented Advait and us in front of the media and now you want to leave him, are you fine, go inside and rest? He instructs Rama to get haldi milk for Nehmat. Satti claims Nehmat conveyed the truth to her.

Nehmat further asks Advait to sign the papers. She adds she lied there for Rupy and Sati’s sake, and it’s also Naaz’s Sasural, so sign the papers and end our relationship. Shamsher inquires if there was a fight. Advait says no, I’ll take care of everything. Nehmat lashes out at Advait. She says you can’t be a decent spouse and a good person because you forgot about humanity; if you don’t want your actions to be seen by everyone, end this relationship, sign the papers, and end this phony relationship.

Advait questions Nehmat about what she is saying. He then asks whether she is aware that divorce does not occur in our family. Nehmat is curious about what will happen next. Shamsher wants to know what happened to you. Rupy says enough, stop acting innocent, and don’t misinterpret our silence as weakness, if she wants a divorce, she won’t stay here, and I won’t let anything horrible happen to her life.

Naaz and Neeru want to know what happened to Nehmat. Shamsher warns Rupy that politicians will go to any length to protect their reputation. He states that both of your granddaughters are about to leave the house. They are worried. Naaz confronts Nehmat on why she wants to end their marriage. Shamsher says you can take Naaz and go if you consider she a threat here. Rupy says we’ll also take Naaz. Naaz expresses her willingness to stay.

She declares her love for Nikhil and refuses to consider divorce. Advait and Shamsher sneer as Nikhil cheers for Naaz. Shamsher inquires of Rupy as to whom he will now listen. Nehmat declares his willingness to accept the truth. Advait is declared her life’s enemy, and she seeks divorce. Shamsher asks her to bring Naaz with her. Nehmat is surprised.
Episode Ends.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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