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Udaariyan 15th February 2023 Written Update: Naaz joins hand with Shamsher

The episode starts with Naaz informing Shamsher that she does not want to leave the Kapoors’ home and accuses Nehmat of always leaving when she has difficulty. Nehmat, she claims, was unconcerned about Advait and his family. Rupy admits to Naaz that she doesn’t know the truth. He refuses to leave Naaz at Kapoor’s and invites her to join them.

According to Naaz, Rupy is treating her similarly to how he handled Jasmine because of Tejo. She claims that he has always prioritized Tejo’s happiness over Jasmine’s and that he is now doing the same for her by destroying her happiness and life for Nehmat’s. Rupy is accused of being biassed and dancing to the tune of Nehmat. Neeru backs Naaz and accuses Rupy of attempting to reunite Nehmat and Ekam.

She claims that Ekam is still after Nehmat despite her marriage to Advait. Nehmat warns Neeru not to involve Ekam in this problem and change the conversation. She admits that Advait held her hostage in this mansion with the help of Shamsher and Rama. Advait, she claims, kept injecting her to keep her barely conscious. Naaz and Neeru dispute it, claiming that they were also at the house and did not witness it.

Neeru wonders why Advait would do such a thing. Nehmat claims she saw Advait with a girl in the farm home. Naaz realizes Nehmat spotted Advait with Mallika. Advait strongly rejects it. Shamsher appears to be unaware of the situation and inquires about the girl in question. Nehmat remains silent in order not to expose Mallika. Advait realizes Shamsher’s plot and asks Nehmat to identify the girl. Naaz also urges Nehmat to identify the female.

Rupy also wants Nehmat to expose the girl’s identity to prove her point, but Nehmat refuses. She maintains she does not want to defame a girl to expose Advait. Naaz wants Nehmat to confirm her claim against Advait by naming the female. Neeru also inquires as to whom she is attempting to save. Nikhil also asks Nehmat to tell him the name of the female to back up her point.

Nehmat even now refuses to reveal the girl’s identity but recounts what transpired in the farm home and what Advait did to her with the help of Shamsher and Rama. Rupy comforts Nehmat by hugging her. Advait claims that Nehmat is fabricating a story about them. But Rupy says he trusts Nehmat and that they discovered her in horrible shape and that he thanks God that Nehmat is fine. Advait claims that they should have notified her.

Advait claims that he spent the entire night looking for Nehmat. He accuses Nehmat and fabricates a story about what occurred in the farmhouse. He claims that he planned to surprise Nehmat, so he summoned her to the farmhouse, but she arrived with Ekam, so he became enraged. They battled, the candles fell, and the farmhouse burned down. He took her to the hospital right away.

She experienced a miscarriage, which caused her trauma. He claims that he took her to a trauma center on the instructions of a doctor, but she escaped while returning home. Advait accuses Nehmat of falsely accusing him to reunite with Ekam. He tells Rupy that Nehmat has never accepted him as her spouse and has always preferred Ekam. Nehmat urges Advait to stop talking. Advait is warned not to draw Ekam into this.

She exclaims that she is not pregnant. However, according to Naaz, Nehmat was taken aback and lost her mental equilibrium. She tells Nehmat that she was pregnant and had a miscarriage, thus she was at the trauma center with Advait, which surprises Nehmat. The latter believes that Naaz has betrayed her once more. Naaz confronts Nehmat for unjustly accusing Advait and Shamsher. They will not stop her from returning to Ekam, she tells Nehmat.

Nehmat yells at Naaz to get him to stop. She warns Naaz not to include Ekam in this. Shamsher shows Rupy a picture of the trauma center registration, which includes Nehmat’s name. He asks Rupy to cross-check it with Ekam, who searched their entire home without a search warrant. He maintains he took no action against Nehmat since they are nice people. Advait calls the doctor. The doctor is also dishonest.

Nehmat will not acknowledge him. Rupy recognizes him as the doctor who told her Nehmat had been discharged. Rama adds that as a result of her trauma, Nehmat is not able to identify her doctor. Nehmat informs Rupy that she is speaking the truth and is not pregnant. Rupy asks Naaz to tell her the reality since she is their family’s daughter. Naaz fabricates the pregnancy of Nehmat. Nehmat requests Rupy to ask Nikhil.

She begs Nikhil to inform her grandparents that she is not pregnant. Nikhil thinks about Shamsher’s words. In his head, he apologizes to Nehmat and remains silent. Nehmat is surprised. Nehmat informs Rupy and Satti that she was not pregnant and had no trauma. She implores them to believe her. She claims she can show them where they held her captive. She brings Rupy and Satti down to the basement. However, Nehmat is stunned after entering the basement. Advait looks on.

Episode Ends.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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