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Udaariyan 16th February 2023 Written Update: Advait tricks Nehmat

The episode starts with Nehmat taking Rupy and Satti to the basement to prove Advait held her captive there, but she is amazed to see members of the party working there. Shamsher smiles. Naaz and Neeru tell lies to show Nehmat wrong. Naaz and Neeru claim that Nehmat brought tea and snacks to the party members despite being aware that the basement was now being used for election campaigning.

Nehmat denies it, telling Rupy that there was a bed and a chair where the nurse would sit and treat her to keep her unconscious. Nikhil worries if Shamsher and Advait are capable of tearing this off. Advait notices Nehmat’s bracelet on the ground. He manages to put it under the rug. Ekam is worried about Nehmat and wonders what happened at Kapoor’s house. Harleen makes an effort to communicate with Ekam. However, he enters the room and closes the door.

Harleen informs Mallika of Nehmat’s separation from Advait. Mallika asks Harleen if she is worried that Ekam may return to Nehmat. Harleen understands Ekam’s emotions for Nehmat, but she also has feelings for him. Mallika assures Harleen that after what she has done, she and Renuka will never let Ekam reunite with Nehmat. She adds that if this happens, Ekam will kill her. Naaz and Rama ask Rupy to take care of Nehmat.

Advait says that Nehmat is acting this way as a result of her miscarriage. Nehmat asks Advait to keep his mouth shut. She asks Advait not to conceal his acts. She questions Advait if he wants to put her mental abilities to the test. She further decides to bring Advait to the attention of the media and the broader public. Advait advises Nehmat to relax while Nehmat pushes Advait away.

Advait questions Nehmat if she intends to kill him. Rama speaks that Nehmat has grown psychologically unbalanced as a result of the shock. Advait claims that Nehmat received two shocks. Her Boyfriend was seen with another girl, which was a greater trauma than her miscarriage. Advait claims that she has lost her mental stability. Rama tells Shamsher to ask Rupy to take Nehmat to their home for a bit.

Shamsher accepts and asks Rupy to take Nehmat home. Nehmat confronts Advait and warns him not to think he has won. She argues that he must pay for his actions toward her. Advait smiles and wishes you luck. Nehmat is depressed on the walk home, recalling how Naaz and Advait proven her wrong. Nikhil feels awful for not sharing the truth because of Kapoor’s threat to kill Nehmat. Naaz tells Nikhil that they are a family and must do what is best for their family.

Shamsher compliments Naaz. Nikhil questions Shamsher about keeping Nehmat in captivity. Shamsher yells back and denies it. Neeru accuses Nehmat. Shamsher motions to Rama. Rama and Naaz attempt to persuade Nikhil that Nehmat was lying. Nikhil, on the other hand, is adamant that Nehmat would never lie to their family. He walks away, enraged. Advait is concerned about Nikhil siding with Nehmat. Naaz tells them that he would take care of Nikhil.

Nehmat asks her grandparents if they believe she has lost her mental balance and is gabbling. Rupy states she’s not feeling well and that they’ll speak about it later. Nehmat asks Rupy if he trusts her. Rupy tells her that he believes in her. Nehmat asks her family if they believe she is telling the truth. Swaroop tries to soothe Nehmat by stating that girls experience postpartum depression. Nehmat screams that she was not pregnant and that the Kapoors were deceiving her.

She yells that she isn’t insane and that she isn’t lying, but they don’t believe her. She runs away, crying. Nehmat lament in her room recalling Advait and Neeru speaking bad of her and Ekam. She receives Ekam’s call, but she doesn’t receive it since she doesn’t want anyone to accuse him who never violated his limits with her. There, Ekam is yearning to speak with him. He shatters the glass fiercely. Harleen walks to Ekam and picks up the shattered glass.

Her finger is injured by a shard of glass. Ekam gets anxious and goes to get her first aid. Harleen stops Ekam and asks him to expresses his own discomfort too. She asks Ekam to share his pain with her. Ekam reveals to Harleen that Rupy texted him to tell that they had returned Nehmat home. He gets concerned and wonders what happened at Kapoor’s house. He tells Harleen that Nehmat is not responding to his calls.

Harleen asks Ekam to go along with her to meet Nehmat but Ekam denies since it would bring her problems. He grows worried about Nehmat. Harleen wonders if she will get the same kind of attention. She notices Ekam upset and decides to help him. She walks away, making an excuse. Renuka watches them and thinks that Harleen must never leave Ekam’s life, and Nehmat must never return. Else where, Nehmat is adamant about not permitting others to accuse Ekam in any situation.
Episode Ends.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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