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Udariyaan 17th February 2023 Written Update: Nehmat asks Ekam to move on in life

The episode starts with Nehmat contacting a newspaper company about a journalist position. But, Nehmat is not hired because she is Advait Kapoor’s wife, a politician. Nehmat thinks about Jahaan’s comments. She talks with a photograph of her parents. She says that whenever she is in difficulty, they immediately give her a sign. She refuses to give up and decides to fight until she wins. Rupy notes this. Satti informs Swaroop that Rupy wishes to take Nehmat to the doctor to check that she is not pregnant and to determine whether or not the Kapoors are lying.

Swaroop believes that the Kapoors cannot lie because they are politicians with a high reputation in society. Rupy notices this. He refuses to believe that Nehmat is lying and remains still. He instructs Abhiraj to tell Nehmat to dry wadiya on the terrace to distract Nehmat and make her forget what happened to her. Harleen pays a surprise visit to Sandhus. Swaroop is taken aback when he sees Harleen, who resembles Jasmine and asks about her identity.

Lovely introduces Harleen as Jasmine’s daughter. Harleen asks about Swaroop. Swaroop says she is Jasmine’s aunt. Harleen complains about not being greeted with love. She’s about to receive Satti’s blessing. Satti pulls her aside and hugs her. Swaroop chastises Harleen for eating the uncooked Nadiya. Harleen then goes to Rupy and requests his permission. Harleen states that Rupy refuses to visit her because she resembles her mother.

She wraps a bouquet around her face and urges Rupy to bless her right immediately. She takes his hand in hers and rests it on her brow. Harleen informs her family that she does not resemble her mother. She claims that she has a different personality. Lovely and Harman concur with her and pay attention to her. Harleen recalls Ekam being curious about what happened at the Kapoors’ home and getting anxious for Nehmat. Harleen wishes to meet Nehmat.

Nehmat is hoping her grandparents will believe her. Harleen’s arrival surprises her. Harleen gives a bouquet to Nehmat. Harleen tells Nehmat that their first meeting was unpleasant, but she adores Ekam, who adores her. She says that they are linked indirectly since their hearts are both tied to Ekam. Nehmat states that her relationship with Ekam ended a long time ago. She expresses her happiness that he is trying to form a new connection.

Harleen tells Nehmat that Ekam is hers, but she would make sure that Ekam receives information on Nehmat until he develops a connection with her, as he becomes disturbed if he does not receive her updates. Later, Harleen drives Nehmat to the Gurudwara. Ekam is also there at the Gurudwara. Ekam asks God to help Nehmat, who is suffering. Ekam takes a step back. Harleen and Nehmat arrive. Nehmat begs God to let her convince everyone of her truth.

Harleen prays for the healing of Ekam and Nehmat’s broken hearts and offers her Ekam. Harleen walks away. Nehmat is bending down to pray. Ekam is sitting close to Nehmat. Ekam is taken aback to see Nehmat. Nehmat gets surprised to see Ekam next to her. Nehmat asks Ekam if he trusts her. She says she was not pregnant, had no miscarriage, and was in disbelief. She is saddened that even her grandparents believed the Kapoors’ lies.

She adds that they claim to understand her, but she can tell by the look on their faces that they don’t. Ekam tells Nehmat he understands her. He asks her to believe in God. He regrets having doubted Nehmat the other day. He blames himself for destroying Nehmat’s life by refusing to trust her. He asks Nehmat to trust him and says she will be unable to fight this struggle alone. However, Nehmat urges that Ekam not consider her war as his battle.

She wants him to help her if he truly loves her. Renuka becomes enraged when she sees Nehmat talking with Ekam. She thinks of doing something to keep Nehmat away from Ekam. Nehmat tells Ekam that he has always supported her, but that their paths should diverge from now on. Ekam agrees if this is what she wants. He realizes that Nehmat is still important to him, and he will never abandon her. Nehmat believes they cannot stroll together because their romance has ended. Nehmat walks away, asking Ekam to take care of himself.
Episode Ends.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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