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Udaariyaan 18th February 2023 Written Update: Mallika and Advait are at odds

The episode starts with Ekam dragging Nehmat in closer. Nehmat wonders what he is up to. Ekam shows the reporters awaiting Nehmat. He doesn’t want Nehmat to be bothered by their inquiries. He offers to drive her home. Naaz, on the other hand, visits the Sandhus. Naaz asks about Nehmat from her family to which Lovely says that Nehmat has visited Gurudwara. Naaz acts as if she wants to help Nehmat.

She supports Kapoor’s front of the Sandhus. She hands over a psychiatrist’s number to Satti and suggests she take Nehmat to him. Swaroop and Lovely both agree with Naaz. Satti understands and tells Naaz that she will talk to Rupy and take Nehmat to the doctor if Nehmat agrees. Naaz grins, imagining that if Nehmat accepts, she’ll be out of Kapoor’s house for good.. Satti understands and tells Naaz that she will talk to Rupy and take Nehmat to the doctor if Nehmat agrees.

Naaz grins, imagining that if Nehmat accepts, she’ll be out of Kapoor’s house for good. Ekam and Nehmat are on their way. Nehmat is amazed that Ekam keeps the toy she gave him and inquires about it. Ekam claims to have lost contact with the person who gave it to him and wishes to keep her gift secure. Nehmat and Ekam recall a happy memory in which they discuss spending their lives together. Nehmat believes they aren’t destined to be together, but Ekam considers closing the gap between them.

Advait and Mallika meet. He asks Mallika about Ekam and Nehmat’s planned move whi;e Mallika questions Advait about whether Nehmat had taken her name. Advait replies no. He considers Nehmat to be more trustworthy than she is. He further vents out at Mallika for calling Nehmat. Mallika complains about listening to talk to Naaz. Advait didn’t hear Naaz’s name and worried about who asked her to do it. Mallika refuses to disclose Naaz’s name and says that all she wants is revenge on Nehmat.

Mallika gets shocked when she learns from Advait that he intends to exact revenge on Ekam for revealing his infatuation with Veronica in front of his family. She accuses Advait of using her to pursue revenge on Ekam. Advait fumes on Mallika and asks her not to ever meet him again. Naaz, Satti, Swaroop, and Lovely are talking about Nehmat. Naaz speaks that Nehmat has not yet come home, she could have visited Ekam.

Swaroop sides with Naaz and criticizes Ekam. Satti suggests Naaz leave before Nehmat arrives since she may become furious if she sees her. Naaz lashes out and claims to be caring for Nehmat. Nehmat arrives home while Naaz goes into hiding to see Nehmat. Nehmat sees the food arrangements and inquires if there are any guests. Satti dupes Nehmat whereas Naaz who is hiding thinks Nehmat is lying about Advait kidnapping her.

She wishes it might be true. Harleen impersonates Ekam by wearing his police uniform. Ekam appears and corrects her. Harleen expresses her regret to him. She informs Ekam that Nehmat is well because she met her. Ekam was taken aback by Harleen’s visit to Nehmat. Harleen claims to be Nehmat’s cousin. Ekam thanks Harleen for her help. The latter claims she did so for Ekam to stop skipping meals out of worry for Nehmat.

Ekam recalls Nehmat’s words to Harleen and informs her that the Kapoors wrongfully exposed Nehmat in front of her family. He also alleges Advait abducted Nehmat. Rupy grows angry when Satti proposes to take Nehmat to the psychiatrist. Rupy flatly refuses. Renuka arrives at the same time. Rupy and Satti greet and welcome Renuka. Enuka complains about Nehmat to Rupy and Satti. Rupy will not listen to anything negative about Nehmat.

Renuka insists that they listen to her. Renuka accuses Nehmat of refusing to accept Ekam into his life. Nehmat notices this. Satti tells Renuka that Nehmat is preoccupied with her marital difficulties, and she doesn’t have time to care about Nehmat. Renuka claims Nehmat met Ekam in Gurudwara, which amazes Rupy and Satti.

Rupy asserts that they may have both visited Gurudwara and accidentally bumped into each other there by coincidence. Renuka is still crticizinging and accusing Nehmat. Rupy comes to a halt in front of Renuka. He avoids hearing anything terrible about Nehmat. Rupy and Satti ask Renuka to go for the time being. Nehmat thinks approaching Renuka.
Episode Ends.

Nehmat assures Renuka that the marriage of Ekam and Harleen would happen very soon. Advait makes a threat against Nehmat.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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