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Udaariyaan 20th February 2023 Written Update: Ekam asks Harleen to stop chasing him

The episode starts with Ekam walking to Sandhus’ house to see Nehmat. Swaroop and Lovely chastised Ekam for coming to see her despite her marriage to Advait. Ekam, despite everyone’s refusal, walks to Nehmat’s room. Rupy urges his family to let him leave. He hopes Nehmat will inform Ekam of what occurred to her. Nehmat is in her room. She considers making Ekam dislike her so so that he may move on with his life. Ekam then arrives at the door and requests Nehmat to open it.

Nehmat remembers Renuka’s cruel comments and prevents herself from letting the door open. She asks him to leave. Ekam inquires Nehmat as to what happened and whether Advait was involved. Nehmat recalls Renuka’s accusations against her. She repeats the same to Ekam. She holds herself responsible for Ekam’s father’s death, Mallika’s failed marriage, and Ekam’s ruined life. She urges him to quit chasing her. She begs Ekam to accept and move on from their relationship.

Ekam asks Nehmat to relax and speak for a moment. Nehmat claims that Ekam has no authority in her life. Ekam claims that if he leaves her memories, he would die. He compares them to two opposing sides of a river that will never meet. Nonetheless, he desires to care for and defend Nehmat. He argues that he has at least these rights. Nehmat begs Ekam to make a vow if she is important to him. Nehmat and Ekam are kneeling.

Nehmat inquires Ekam whether he will listen to her. Ekam understands and says he is willing to die for her. Nehmat asks Ekam to show that he has progressed in his life. She claims that Valentine’s Day will be here in two days. She requests that Ekam end their love chapter that day and begin a new one with Harleen. Nehmat requests that Ekam propose to Harleen and make her his life partner on Valentine’s Day. Nehmat inquires Ekam about his willingness to do so. Nothing, according to Nehmat, is more significant in his life than Nehmat.

He admits that he recognizes she can’t be his, but he has always been hers. He does, however, consent to moving on with his life if she wishes. He promises to replace the characters if she changes the storyline. He requests Nehmat to agree to look after herself. Nehmat and Ekam cry, their heads merged on opposite sides of the door. Nehmat says after Ekam leaves that she knows how important Valentine’s Day is to them. She remembers her and Ekam’s joyful Valentine’s Day memories.

Meanwhile, Ekam is seen driving the car while recalling Nehmat’s words. Harleen’s love note is received by him. Ekam decides to show Nehmat that he is improving in his life. Ekam visits Harleen’s home. Harleen is taken aback and overjoyed to see Ekam. She tells Ekam a Shayari. Nevertheless, she only recalls half of Love’s messages. Harleen proudly shows whatever she purchased as well as a cute toy couple. Harleen is perplexed when Ekam asks her what she wants from him.

Ekam claims that everyone encourages him to go on with his life. He wishes the same thing. Ekam tells Harleen that they are too different to be together. He proclaims to be able to forget everything and move on with his life, but what about her? Harleen questions Ekam about what happened to him and why he is behaving so strangely. Ekam says that nothing bad has happened to him. He argues he does not want to move forward in his life by destroying her heart.

He walks away. Harleen is following him. Ekam regrets his actions towards Harleen and apologizes to her. Harleen burns all of her expensive purchases to show Ekam that she values Ekam more than her lavish lifestyle. She wants people to refer to them as Ekleen. Ekam remembers Renuka and Nehmat’s comments and looks around.
Episode Ends.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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