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Udaariyaan 21st February 2023 Written Update: Ekam confesses his love to Harleen

The episode starts with Rupy telling Nehmat to join them for breakfast. Nehmat is adamantly opposed. She reminds Rupy that it is election day, and she is going to be late to vote. Rupy chooses to join her. Ekam, on the other hand, is charged with safeguarding a polling station. He becomes enraged as he sees Advait exit the polling station after voting. Advait walks over to Ekam when he sees him and avoids the reporters’ inquiries.

Advait instructs Ekam to do his tasks efficiently. Ekam advises Advait to stay within his boundaries since he is no longer his bodyguard. He cautions Advait. Ekam then notices Harleen arriving. Advait notices her as well and mocks Ekam. Ekam cautions Advait that as long as Nehmat doesn’t expose him, he is safe. Advait brags about showing Nehmat’s mental condition in front of her family. He makes fun of Nehmat and claims that only Ekam can believe her story, which frustrates Ekam.

Harleen intervenes to stop Ekam from fighting with Advait. Ekam gets a sandwich from Harleen. Yet, he claims that he will eat later. Harleen offers Advait a sandwich. He grabs it and bites at it. He makes fun of Ekam. He says that Harleen can stop Ekam from talking. Harleen threatens Advait in a roundabout way. She claims to be able to close his mouth as well. Advait becomes agitated and walks away. Ekam inquires as to what this is. Harleen remains silent.

Harleen and Ekam get into their car and drive away. When Nehmat emerges from the polling booth, she recalls her appeal to Ekam. Rupy is taken to the hospital by Nehmat. Rupy is shown the nurse whom she used to treat her when Advait imprisoned her in the basement. Rupy recognizes the nurse and informs her that she was caring for Nehmat when she was admitted to the hospital. Nehmat confronts the nurse to prove Advait’s actions, but the nurse lies, upsetting Nehmat.

Rupy encourages the nurse to speak the truth since she is the lone evidence. When Nehmat becomes angry, the nurse lies that she has lost her mental equilibrium owing to her miscarriage. Rupy stops Nehmat and drags her away. Harleen and Ekam arrive at their destination. They are taken aback by the Valentine’s Day decorations. Harleen enjoys it. Harleen believes Ekam did it, whereas Ekam believes Harleen did it. They both show the message they received to each other.

Harleen realizes they’ve been pranked. Renuka, she believes, is responsible for this. Ekam recalls Nehmat’s words and realizes what she has done. Nehmat observes Ekam and Harleen as they hide. Harleen shares her admiration for the decorations. A waitress brings Harleen and Ekam a gift. When Harleen opens it, she discovers a dupatta. Ekam breaks down as he recalls giving the same dupatta to Nehmat. Harleen is overjoyed because she believes Ekam has obtained the dupatta for her. Ekam perceives Nehmat in Harleen’s place.

Ekam hugs her and confesses his love. Harleen is stunned to hear this and requests to Ekam repeat it. Ekam approaches Harleen to marry him. Harleen is overjoyed. Nehmat feels relieved that Ekam kept his word. Harleen notices that Ekam is depressed. She tells Ekam that she knows he misses Nehmat. Ekam tells Harleen that Nehmat is her history and that she is still there in his presence, and that he would never forget her, but that Harleen will have a place in his heart and life.

Harleen tells Ekam that she will never attempt to replace Nehmat in his heart to create room for herself. She says she is going to carve herself her own space in his heart, even though it is smaller than Nehmat’s. Ekam expresses gratitude to Harleen. Harleen hugs Nehmat. Ekam thinks he has done what Nehmat wants and expects she is satisfied now, but he can stop thinking about Nehmat. Nehmat releases a swarm of balloons, thinking that she has freed Ekam and hoping that he is always joyful.
Episode Ends.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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