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Anupamaa 21st February 2023 Written Update: Anuj misses Anupama

The episode starts with Maya making the picnic list. She decides to bring refreshments for Anu as well. Maya tells Anu to go over the list again to ensure she hasn’t overlooked anything. Anupama is missing, says Anu. Maya informs Anu that Paritosh is unwell and that Anupama is requested at the Shah house. She encourages Anu to be happy for Anuj and Anupama. Maya hands Anu a tag with their name. She believes she is really not acting, but she wants Anu to smile.

Leela laments over Anupama’s negligence over Paritosh. Hasmuk and Vanraj ask Leela not to judge and rating Anupama always while Leela thinks that if Anupama had been around Paritosh, he might have felt better. She becomes furious at Anupama’s decision for going to the picnic instead of a hospital. Hasmuk and Vanraj support Anupama. They say Anupama is already in charge of everything. Leela remains unconvinced.

She walks off while Hasmuk advises Vanraj not to trouble Anupama on her picnic. Anuj tries to persuade Anupama that he took the step for Anu’s sake. He admits to being hurt by the decision. He further tells Anupama that all he wishes is for Anu to have an undisturbed picnic. Anupama feels shattered and adds that he is correct since she would have been concerned about Paritosh if she had been at the picnic.

Anupama says Anuj is correct when he utters that he doesn’t want Christmas Eve to occur again in their lives. Anuj asks Anupama t if she has something on her mind. Anupama expresses her disappointment with his decision which makes Anuj depressed while Maya is keeping an eye on Anuj and Anupama. The next morning, Anupama makes Anu ready for the picnic and advises her to enjoy the picnic while remaining careful.

Anu tells Anupama to look for both herself and Paritosh. She hugs Anupama. Maya shows up. Anupama further informs Maya that she cooked Anu’s favorite meals. Maya thanks her and expresses her happiness for going on a picnic with her daughter for the first time. Anupama feels sad seeing Anu’s hand slipping from her hand. Maya takes leave with Anu. Anuj walks to Anupama, asking her to look after herself.

Anupama makes the same request to Anuj. She demands he shares pictures if possible. Anuj assures. Anu calls out to Anuj and he gets into his car. Anupama stands teary. Just then, she gets a call. Vanraj struggles to get close to Kavya. Kavya pushes him away and warns him to leave. Vanraj questions Kavya if her love for him dies as a result of one incident to which Kavya furiously replies Vanraj that she would not let him hurt her again.

She admits to Vanraj that she is no longer in love with him. Vanraj gets shocked. Leela hears Kavya and Vanraj conversing. She gets surprised and thinks that both Anupama and Kavya have gone insane. Elsewhere, Maya enjoys being with Anuj and Anu at the picnic. Anuj misses Anupama. There, Anupama recalls Anuj’s words and gets upset. Several parents at the picnic misinterpret Anuj and Maya as a couple. Anuj continues to clarify to everyone that Maya is not his wife. Maya queries Anuj if it is crucial to explain everything every time to which Anuj replies, yes.
Episode Ends.

Precap: Anuj and Maya are getting close. Vanraj confesses his feelings for Anupama, which enrages her.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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