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Udaariyan 3rd February 2023 Written Update: Ekam drops Nehmat to Farmhouse

The episode starts with Harleen opening the door and finding Ekam there. Ekam sends her a flying kiss and appears to her romantically in her hallucinations. Ekam snaps his fingers in front of her, bringing her back to the present. When Harleen sees Ekam there, she is ecstatic and welcomes him inside. Ekam brought food for Harleen as she did for him the other day. Harleen gets ready and asks Ekam to drive her to a mela.

Ekam remembered Nehmat being enthusiastic about going to the mela. He is struggling to forget Nehmat. Nehmat discovers a letter in the interim and reads it. In the letter, Advait states that he is waiting for Nehmat at the farmhouse because he wants to spend the day with her. When Nehmat reads the letter, she is taken aback and questions whether Advait is genuinely attempting to improve.

Naaz is grinning as she watches this. For Nehmat to go to the farmhouse and catch Advait with Mallika, she recalls leaving the note there. Nehmat, Harleen asks Ekam to stop the car. Harleen wants to help Nehmat despite Ekam not wanting to. Harleen and Ekam go to Nehmat and offer to drop her off at her destination. In the farmhouse, Mallika and Advait drink alcohol and get closer. Here, Nehmat, Ekam, and Harleen are on the way to the farmhouse.

Harleen asks Nehmat if there’s any political event in the farmhouse. Nehmat says that Advait planned a surprise for her. Suddenly, their car’s tire gets punctured. Harleen says that it seems that God doesn’t want Nehmat to reach the farmhouse. Ekam decides to fix the tire and enlists the aid of Harleen. However, Harleen claims that she does not. Nehmat offers Ekam assistance.

With Nehmat’s assistance, Ekam replaces the tire. Harleen finds it annoying that they are becoming closer. Nehmat’s forehead is greasy, so Ekam hands her his handkerchief to clean it off. Ekam becomes irate after noticing the diamond jewelry on Nehmat’s wrist. Ekam pulls over as he passes the automobile. While he doesn’t think Advait called Nehmat to the farmhouse by herself with any ill intent, he is concerned for her. If Ekam desires, Harleen says they can pursue Nehmat, but she worries that Ekam will once more cause issues between Advait and Nehmat.

Nehmat walks into the farmhouse and finds it decorated. Advait and Mallika start dating in the meantime. On the other side, Naaz hopes that Nehmat got the biggest surprise of her life. Nehmat enters upstairs where she discovers Advait talking on the phone. Turning around, Advait is startled to see Nehmat standing there. She is taken downstairs, where he asks her to wait. Advait hears Mallika calling him. Mallika comes downstairs and meets Advait which shocks Nehmat. |Episode ends.|

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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