Udaariyan 7th February 2023 Written Update: Advait secretly takes Nehmat from hospital

The episode begins with Naaz calling Mallika. Naaz questions Mallika about why she isn’t responding to her calls and what transpired in the farmhouse, including how it burst into flames. Mallika is taken aback. Naaz suggests Mallika monitor the TV news. Mallika turns on the tv. She is startled by the news. Mallika claims that she has no idea what happened because she departed before the fire accident.

Ekam then asks Naaz where Rupy and Satti are. Mallika hears Ekam’s voice and asks Naaz if he is present. Naaz jokes that Ekam will be where Nehmat is. Naaz adds that Ekam was notified that Nehmat had gone to the farmhouse to see Adavit. She claims she overheard Ekam conversing with Advait. Mallika is terrified of being revealed and of Ekam’s reaction. Ekam tells Satti and Rupy that whoever is guilty of Nehmat’s illness would be killed.

Rupy believes it might be the product of any political adversary. Rupy is certain that Shamsher will order an investigation. Ekam is unable to tell them that he has reservations about Adavit. Ekam wishes he could see Nehmat only once. He is perplexed as to why they are not permitted to meet her. According to Rupy, it could be for political reasons. However, Ekam is required to see Nehmat.

Rupy asks Ekam to go since the media is around and they may publish anything negative about Nehmat if they see him with her. Harleen arrives there and assures that she is with Ekam, so nothing like that will happen. Ekam thanks Harleen and goes to the farmhouse to find any clues.Mallika and Naaz are both to blame. Naaz is confident that Adavit will handle the situation in need to save his political reputation. She hangs up the phone.

Naaz is adamant about discovering the truth. Ekam investigates the farmhouse for any proof. He discovers the blood-splattered diamond bracelet. He recalls seeing Nehmat with the same bracelet. Just then, a constable informs Ekam that there were three persons in the farmhouse since three separate footprints were identified. Ekam is curious about the third person. Meanwhile, Mallika observes the diamond jewelry Advait gave her and recalls Nehmat wearing the same bracelet.

If Ekam notices this, she becomes afraid of being caught. She conceals it. Nehmat becomes conscious. Nehmat insists on meeting Rupy. However, Advait requests the nurse to give a sedative to Nehmat so that she remains in deep slumber and he doesn’t get exposed. The next morning, Ekam is at the police station. He thinks about who the third person at the farmhouse could be.

He is surprised to watch Shamsher on the news channel telling the media that Nehmat had a miscarriage as a consequence of the accident. Ekam takes the decision to see Nehmat. He is leaving for the hospital. Satti and Rupy are similarly taken aback to find the same news channel. They rush to see Nehmat in her room. They are surprised to discover Nehmat missing. They consult with the doctor. The doctor informs them that Nehmat has been discharged, which shocks them.

Rupy decides to visit Nehmat at Kapoor’s house. Just then, Shamsher phones Rupy and tells him that Nehmat has lost her kid. Naaz is perplexed when he hears this. Rama sends Naaz to her room and shuts the door behind her. Shamsher informs Rupy that Nehmat is devastated as a result of her miscarriage and that Adavit has taken her to a trauma center. Ekam arrives at the hospital and is astounded to discover that Nehmat was released before the police took her statement without informing Sandhus.

Shamsher advises Nehmat not to meet her family until the elections are over. He will determine what to do with her after the election. Nehmat is in a chamber in the basement of Kapoor’s house. Rupy dials Nehmat’s number. Advait declines the call. Rupy suspects that Nehmat is unwilling to speak with them right now. Ekam is concerned about Nehmat. But Rupy informs Ekam that Nehmat is with her husband.

Ekam believes he is frightened since Nehmat is with the cheap Advait. Ekam, Rupy, and Satti are watching the news networks, and they are also reporting that Nehamt has been sent to a trauma facility located outside of town, and they are requesting that the public respect the Kapoors’ privacy. Ekam is determined to find Nehmat. Shamsher, Rama, and Advait had a conversation in the basement.Shamsher claims that only three people are aware that Nehmat has arrived. Nehmat regains consciousness and expresses a desire to return home.

Shamsher requests that the nurse administer an injection to put her to sleep. Shamsher chastises Advait and tells him that Ekam has grown suspicious of him and that he should forget about becoming an MLA. Advait is determined to become an MLA at any cost, even if it means murdering Nehmat. Ekam is driving the automobile and is curious about what is going on with Nehmat. He believes Nehmat is in danger. When he notices the field on the sides, he comes to a complete stop. He recalls sharing a moment with Nehmat in that field and also tells Nehmat that if she goes missing, he will find her at any cost. Ekam begins to cry. He swears his oath to find Nehmat. Episode ends.

Precap. Rupy and Satti visit Kapoor House. Nehmat hears Rupy’s voice and calls out to him. Advait shuts her mouth.

Written by Ayesha Shaikh

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